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Chuck v. Bear



Resurrection II: The second coming

I’ve been a part of planning races in Seattle for a year now. It’s been a lot of fun. This race is the second annual Resurrection Race. The first race I was a part of in Seattle was the Resurrection. There were something like 10 planners. Over the year, Greg and I have sort of adopted the race planning, with the help from others along the way. For our one year anniversary, it’s also something of a reunion. The folks that helped out with last years race, at least those that still live in Seattle, have come back into the fold, and we are planning the Resurrection II. There are a couple new faces this year as well. Christauf, who is an amazing illustrator, and has been doing the art/design end, and helping out since he moved out from NYC a few months back. Karl has also been a big help with his creativity and organizational skills. So this is going to be a great race. I think that I will likely be riding along the route, documenting riders during the race, which I am looking forward to.
If you race bikes, or just like to ride bikes and have fun, you should come out to this event. Always a good time. See you there.

more info can be found at:
April 11th
Register at 2pm, Race at 3pm
$5 to race
Meet at Cal Anderson Park


Ride to art April 9th

Black Thursday rides are fun rides. A weekly group ride that sticks together and puts in 15-20 miles. This ride is going to be a lot of fun. Meet at Gasworks Park at 6pm on Thursday, April 9th, and ride with a pack of people to the Twilight Artists Collective in West Seattle. Karl at Partybots has an installation going up there that is going to be off the hook. Let’s ride!


21st annual old bike swap

Made it down to Kent to check out the swap today. Next year I won't get there late. And next year I will have some cash to spend. A very impressive collection of bikes, many having been forgotten in sheds and barns for years.
Quite a few bmx parts were there, and though there may have been some there earlier, I didn't see much track-based stuff. I love looking through old parts and frames. The lines that the designs have are sometimes sleek, sometimes chunky- and the technologies of yesterday seem so far away and antiquated.
All in all I felt at home wandering around the Kent Armory, digging through boxes of old parts, surrounded by people like me that for some reason or another love bikes. Some might even call it an obsession. I'm ok with that.

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my new build

Working on a new bike for this summer:



Go big or go home?

I apologize in advance for the ridiculous music that seems to accompany most downhill mountain bike video, this one being no exception. I realize that high energy is the feeling that they are trying to get across, but when they accompany bicycles and this Korn sounding B.S., I get mad. My solution, play your own music. I’m fond of the 8-bit hip hop mp3 I posted here. Do what you like, just watch these folks doing things with their bikes that were unimaginable 10 or 15 years ago.