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Mister Awesome?

I watched the King of Kong last night, and though I thought the movie was pretty good, I just couldn’t get over this dude. Wow. His dating advice in the first 30 seconds is classic.


We're on two wheels baby

I have a nasty habit of listening to a song just because it’s about a bike. I can’t say I’m a fan of Be Your Own Pet, but they have a song, and video that you may like. Here you go.


More about racism than bikes…

This is an old video. July 2008. Daytona Beach, Florida. I can break it down like this: Old white guy sees black woman (who he assumed was male) riding bike on sidewalk. Accelerates his car, runs her over, and crashes into the side of his house. No remorse. Violence spurred from racism, not anti-cycling; both are inappropriate, and indicative of a person full of rage and ignorance. I’m not sure if he has been convicted, but he was charged with a hate crime. Hopefully his ass will be convicted. It’s always so shocking that people like this are still out in the world, living in their little bubbles.


This is about as nerd as I can get.

Jay-Z — Dirt Off Your Shoulders

T.I — What You Know

Chamillionaire — Ridin’

Ludacris — What’s Ya Fantasy

Bonecrusher — Neva Scared

Twista & Kanye — Overnight Celebrity

Ludacris — Move Bitch

Lil’ Jon — Get Low

Kanye — Gold Digger

Saw it here


Monkey Licker

The video Windolicker by Aphex Twin is one of my all time favorites, which helps me appreciate this one as well. Footage is taken from the old safety film “One got fat” which is pretty creepy. Enjoy.


I hope this isn't what people think of messengers

Robin Thicke is a d-bag. The only way this could have been worse is if he was riding a track bike. It’s like a cross between the worst parts of the movie Quicksilver, mixed with a little Justin Timberlake. No bueno.