Runnin' on empty. The weekend is over.

Yesterday was the Hella Corn dog Classic (HCDC)… A benefit for the West Side Invite, and a race put together by Corndog hisself.
We met at the Amphitheater at Volunteer Park, bikes gathering around 1pm, and race leaving at 3pm. Three manifests- picks had to be done in order, drops could be made in any order. There were 6 locations- with 3 picks/drops per manifest. They were ordered differently for each manifest and when finished, everyone had done the same 18 stops. Zach/Zlog and I had the same rotation of manifests, so we road together. I still have difficulties navigating Capital Hill and downtown (anywhere south of the shipping canal really.)
Did I mention that it was the Corndog Classic? Not just because Corndog put it together, but after completing each manifest- a corndog that had been warming on the bbq had to be consumed before receiving the next manifest. Corndogs are good. They taste really good with mustard at the fair. Racing bikes and pounding corndogs on the other hand… not such a dynamite idea. My first corndog was so hot it felt as though my insides were burning as I tried to scarf it down. My second corndog was cooler, but had absorbed that distinct lighter fluid taste, unsettling my stomach. My third corndog was consumed post race, at a pace that was not forced, and therefore somewhat enjoyable. I may abstain from corndog consumption until the next Corndog Classic.
The day before the HCDC I decided that it was time for a ride. I met up with some of the Bunnyhawks for a ride. “Blazing trails with Blaise” A counter-clockwise ride on the north Lake Washington loop. A 42 mile loop from Gasworks, we took a couple detours (got lost) adding a few more miles and a few more hills just for good measure. After it was all said and done it finished out at a 50+ mile day. I was a little surprised at the hills around Kenmore through Medina. I figured a Lake Washington loop would be a flat route. I had apparently forgotten that the waterfront was private property, putting travelers on the roads that wander up and down the hills in the area.
All in all a great weekend. Good weather, and I got to ride bikes and drink beer with friends old and new, when it really comes down to it- that’s what it’s all about. Right?

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