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Fuck the Pain Away Piggy.

Ok, so I don’t only like bikes. I also like the Muppets. And though mashups are so 2002, I still like them as well. And I like Peaches. So this is awesome. John V. was telling me about this last night at Freiburgers bday during polo.

Film/video, History

Raleigh Vektar- Blast from the past

I’d love to rock one of these on my top tube. Click on the top image to be whisked away to youtube where you can watch it in action. I wish the commercial was still floating around about this bike.
So rad.vektar1vektar_console

Penny farthing

A penchant for Penny Farthings

I really like the look of the old high wheelers, and would love to get one, even one of the newly constructed models. A bit of history that you can experience first hand. It wasn’t that long ago that penny farthings were the fastest things on earth. So occasionally I’ll put a snippet up about the people that still race them, or the folks that toured on them, or, as in this case, the other people in the world that are inspired by them. I can’t say I agree with the route they went down, but I give them points for originality. It looks like the danger factor was one of the elements they wanted to keep around.

Events, GO MEANS GO events

Clear your calendars! June 20th, July 12th

Alright. Just a quick post to say to clear your calendars for two events. One in June, one in July.
June 20th 9:11pm: Solstice Scavenger hunt. ends at 5:11am on June 21st. Scavenge all night for things on your list. Finish up with a big group breakfast!
July 12th: Tour de Watertower Guerilla Time Trial.


Cycling and your body.

You learn something new every day.


Crashes are never fun.

Iggy broke his right collarbone this weekend, while still not fully recovered from breaking his left. Here are some crashes, some worse than others.
Creepy music:[youtube=]
I can’t even believe I’m putting this on here, because the band is so awful, but the crashes are pretty bad ass.
After listening to that second song, I don’t think I have ever heard Limp Biskit before, I just didn’t like them on principle. At least now I know that I should trust my instincts.



I’m making the switch. From blogspot to wordpress. This shouldn’t mean much to you, if you have found this, then that’s all you need. I hope that more customization will be available, and that Go means Go will grow into something bigger, better, faster, stronger, but with less fat.

Welcome to the New World.

Alley Cat Racing, Events

Westside Invite Seattle= Success!

The Westside Invite was hosted in Seattle this year, and everyone had a fun and/or drunken weekend experience at an event that has become an important part of cycling on the West Coast. This was it’s 9th year, all prior years taking place in Portland, OR. I think when the folks from Portland came up and saw a Seattle twist to an event that they brought up from a wee seedling, it put some fire back into it for them. The forum to discuss next year’s WSI took place today, with interest coming from Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and LA. We’ll see who hosts it for the 10th year.
As for the winners of the events: Please bear with me, as I am pulling from memory. These are not the “official results”, but they will be posted as soon as I get them.

Omnium Winners
Mens: Craig Etheridge (Seattle)
Women’s: Claude (Montreal)

King and Queen of Track:
Men’s: Daniel “Diamond D” (Seattle)
Women’s: Sarah (Vancouver)

Best Trick:
Keo (Seattle)

Emerald Sprints winner:
Pavel (Seattle)

Mason (Portland)

The winner of Friday’s “Core Whore” race was Stacy, and she brought home the custom painted and etched wheels. Esra was right behind and won the front Aerospoke (pink, no less) Way to go ladies!

Here is the bracket from the Emerald Sprints/Throne of Bone “Pedal to the Metal” event. Big thanks to the ToB dudes for working with us, it was one of the highlights from my weekend for sure. Next time I think that the Josh and Billy should sprint while playing. Just sayin…
As for the ladies:
In the final head to head match, RaeAnne took first with a 20.37, with Mackenzie right behind at 21.62!

Events, Races

Graeme Obree, back in the saddle, for an hour.

Graeme Obree’s story is a wild ride. If you haven’t seen The Flying Scotsman, you should.

And now he’s back in the saddle again. He’s not 100% sure he can do it, but he sure as hell is going to try. Last year, at 42 years old, was the first time since he was 16 that he didn’t win a bike race. He’s going for the hour record on, once again, a bike he has built himself. He’ll be pushing a 138″ gear (67×13).

He’ll be going for it in late 2009. Keep your ear to the ground, and I’ll try and follow up when I hear word.