Clear your calendars! June 20th, July 12th

Clear your calendars! June 20th, July 12th

Alright. Just a quick post to say to clear your calendars for two events. One in June, one in July.
June 20th 9:11pm: Solstice Scavenger hunt. ends at 5:11am on June 21st. Scavenge all night for things on your list. Finish up with a big group breakfast!
July 12th: Tour de Watertower Guerilla Time Trial.

3 thoughts on “Clear your calendars! June 20th, July 12th

  1. Yep. Tour de Watertower vs. STP. The summer is unfortunately full of conflicting events. Unintentional, but since I’ll be out of town the following week, and the 4th is the week before, when there will more than likely be sprints at the bridge to nowhere, and it’s in line with Le Tour, so the 12th it is. So maybe I’ll see you there, maybe not. Whatever you do, have fun!

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