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Where are you go?

Four months on a bicycle between Cairo, Egypt and Cape Town South Africa is not your typical African safari.

En route with the Tour d’ Afrique, the world’s longest bicycle race and expedition, the Zenga Bros. (CAN) and Brian Vernor (LinkUSA) make light of this physically daunting trip by sharing a universal love of the bicycle with Africa’s roadside mechanics, sporting racers, and innumerable curious strangers.

Traveling more than 70 miles per day, 50 racers and expedition riders experienced the boundless Nubian desert of Sudan, the great majesty of Victoria Falls, and finally the cold rush of the Atlantic Ocean.

Where Are You Go captures the 7,000 mile expedition as a constant adventure full of playfulness and mysterious beauty, and is a testament to the endurance of human curiosity

Via Krtschmidt via arkitip


Zlog gear is goin’ off

Zach at Zlog is bringing more gear to the front. I’m really into the Chain Cult shirt, and the snap backs are looking fly. Way to go buddy.

Of course the “Drop Bars Not Bombs” is already a classic, and has made an appearance on BSNYC. No such thing as bad publicity.

You can get at Zach’s stuff via his Zlog Big Cartel Store


Travis Pastrana

Old news. But me and Iggy were talking about this the other day, and it’s pretty crazy to watch.



Emerald Sprints Results 051209

Thanks to all that came out to the Emerald Sprints event that was a benefit for the West Side Invite. A good time was had, and Matt took home the trophy, with his first night ever competing with roller racing. Way to go Matt! The 8 person bracket is below:

All the money raised will go to help make the West Side Invite that much better. So thanks again, and we hope to see you at the Emerald Sprints side event taking place on Saturday at the Belltown Underground. Get ready to pedal to some METAL. That’s right. Throne of Bone and Emerald Sprints- sharing a stage. Are you ready?
As for grudge matches:

Ian C. 21.00
Joe H. 21.04

Karl A. 21.51
Frieburger 21.30

Matt 19.30
Charlie L. 21.64

Corndog 21.25
Ross M. 21.24

Ryan 18.92
Koos 19.97

Joe 20.03
Eahn 20.56

Ian 19.85
Tall Bryan 20.08

Corndog 21.18
Rob 19.50

Charlie 20.49
Karl 20.69

Dan 22.89
Andrew 18.96

As for the West Side Invite, it’s right around the corner. You should really come out for it- it’s going to be a real kick in the pants. More info and online registration forms can be found at

If you are interested in email updates regarding Emerald Sprints- send an email with the word “subscribe” in the subject line to
Spin Fast, Die Young.


Fall down, go boom.

Loading dock drops are bigger than they appear, when riding second rate equipment. Just sayin.


Events, Roller Racing

Emerald Sprints Tuesday

A benefit for the West Side Invite. $7 at the door and you get a race for free. Grudge matches are $1 per person, that’s $2 per match. Registration starts at 6pm. Brackets will likely start at 8pm.


True Romance. Minus the cars and the guns.

If you like bikes, and clothes, you might like this-True Romance:

Maybe you like bikin’ so much you can wear a shirt of people bikin’ while you’re bikin’ so you can bike when you bike. Or something like that. Another velo inspired design from the pen (and screen) of Mr. Karl Addison, owner and operator of Partybots. His Etsy store is huge, with so many color/image combinations. Check it at
Support independent artists (especially those that ride bikes)