Cyclists in Ballard hit with blow darts

Unbelievable. Two riders were hit with blowdarts on Monday evening in Ballard, from a moving car. What the hell is wrong with people?

Amy sent this on to me, and it can be read at

Around 6 p.m. on Monday, Avram says he was hit by a 4-inch blow dart while crossing the Ballard Bridge. He sent us this email:

I was riding on the east side bike lane, heading north. I heard a little “pop” sound then felt a sting. My first reaction was that it was a rock that had been run over and shot out at me. It kept stinging so I reached down and felt the dart sticking out of me. I pulled it out and once I realized what it was, looked ahead at the cars to see if I could tell which car it was. Unfortunately, there were too many and by then they were well ahead of me. I stopped once I got to the end of the bridge to make sure I wasn’t bleeding, then rode home and called police.

Avram says he went to the ER and received a tetanus shot. He sent us this photo of the dart next to his remote control to provide some size perspective:

Update: “I was also hit with a dart in Ballard,” says “Mksprout” in the forum, explaining that it happened while riding on 8th Ave. between 50th and 51st, also on Monday evening. “I have reported this to the police and encourage others to do the same,” Mksprout says.

Not sure what type of person thinks that blowdarts are an acceptable form of hazing, but, at least for me, it freaks me the hell out. Bloodborne pathogens are not something to be messed with, and when you get stuck with a needle of an unknown origin, shit is real.

Thanks to Amy for sending this on, and bikes beware- be on the lookout, especially in Ballard- if you see anything like this, report it to the police. Even though you may be more tempted to do something like this:

Let the police do what they do.  U-lock justice is tempting, but generally not a good idea.  Ride safe.

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