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Red Door Sprints Results (072909)

The event at the Red Door in Fremont is one of the final four, and what better way to celebrate than to award a bike for the winner of the evenings races?

The Red Door event took place on what was apparently the hottest day on record for Seattle… EVER.  Temperatures in the day were reported at 110 degrees in West Seattle.  This weather is foreign for many people in Seattle, where air conditioning seems like a silly thing to install in a bar.  22 people, myself included, raced last night at the Red Door, where a crowd of onlookers gave shouts of encouragement and were generally impressed with the setup.  A good amount of bar patrons, as well as bar employees took to the saddles, most in grudge matches.

Qualifying times

  • Chris G.  28.033
  • Chuck M.  30.565
  • Kyle J.  30.194
  • Nouela J.  29.795
  • Rana L.  32.083
  • Brian G.  25.188
  • Kevin A.  25.295
  • Whit  26.158
  • Koos K.  26.802
  • Monica G.  30.455
  • Ponch  25.503
  • Karl A.  26.011
  • Felix N.  24.443
  • Jill T.  32.386
  • Danny N.  26.888
  • Matt C.  34.371
  • Greg K.  25.1
  • Kevin H.  28.963
  • Lucas W.  28.033
  • Brian J.  31.749

The top 4 men competed in round 2 to see who went to the finals:

  • Felix N. 23.837 vs.  Brian G.  24.66
  • Kevin A.  24.547 vs.  Greg K.  25.291

The women’s final brought Nouela and Monica to the bikes, with Nouela coming in first with a time of 29.563.  Monica was right behind her with a 30.491.  Nouela took home some custom wrapped Soma “Major Taylor” handlebars wrapped by none other than “The Wizard” Devin, at Wright Bros. Cyclery.  Also attached was a gift certificate for labor on a wheelbuild.  Nice job.

The men’s final brought the ongoing rivalry of Kevin A. and Felix N. to a head.

Felix finished less than a half of one second in front of Kevin, winning the grand prize, a fixed gear bike!

Final Standings


  1. Felix N. 24.155
  2. Kevin A.  24.603
  3. Brian G. 24.66
  4. Greg K.  25.291


  1. Nouela 29.563
  2. Monica G.  30.491

You can find us out again on August 8th.  We’ll be at the Tour de Fat afterparty at Brouwer’s in Fremont.  There will be TWO BIKES to be given away.  One to top men’s, one to top women’s.  Every body get spinning.  To enter is free, but of any event that I expect to be busy, this will be the one.  Get there to sign up early.  There are only 42 spots available.
Thanks for playing.


  • MWA

    July 30, 2009

    Once again Ryan, thanks for putting on a great event! Cycling in this town wouldn’t be the same without all of hard work and dedication.

  • Rana

    July 30, 2009

    damnit, no more drinks before hand.

    but…then again…i say that every time.

  • MWA

    July 31, 2009

    ha ha Rana, if it makes you feel any better, looks like there was a boy that was slower than you. =)

    I think the drinks help. I mean I had 2 beers and a valium and put up my best time to date.

    You know what you must do…..relax…..go to it!

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