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Roller Racing

Sprints results (071909)

Another successful round of sprints, this one at Chop Suey. Thanks to all that came out to take part- keep it up, there will be bikes to be given away as prizes at a few of the events!

For the men, Patrick M took first place, with Trevor H in second, and John V. in 3rd.

For the women, Nouela came in first place

Qualifying round times:

  • John V. 22.664
  • Patrick M.  24.871
  • Trevor H.  24.892
  • Joe B.  25.461
  • Felix N.  25.629
  • Kevin A.  25.666
  • Christian C.  26.488
  • Brian G.  26.643
  • Beau H.  27.162
  • Marcus G.  28.022
  • Modesto R.  29.222
  • Nouela  29.382
  • Kerry D.  29.422
  • Scott W.  30.202
  • Monica G.  30.602
  • Scott G.  30.847
  • Kevin H.  31.086
  • Caroline M.  31.820
  • Rana L.  34.785
  • Mollie S.  37.037
  • Kiersten G.  38.048
  • Morgan 38.77

Round Two, top 4 men:

John V (24.19) vs. Patrick M. (23.809)

Trevor H (24.419) vs Joe B (25.244)

Final round, top 2 men, top 2 women:

Patrick M. (24.368) vs Trevor H. (24.694)

Nouela (29.176) vs. Kerry D (29.552)

Final Standings:


  1. Patrick M.
  2. Trevor H.
  3. John V.


  1. Nouela


Know your rights workshop Sunday July 19th

Know Your Rights – Sunday, July 19th from noon-2pm

* Is it illegal to ride a bike in the middle of a lane of traffic?
* Are you supposed to signal for turns with your left or right hand?
* What about using a crosswalk to avoid swerving through six lanes of traffic?

These and other topics are included in our conversation-based Know Your Rights workshop, designed to allow cyclists an opportunity to share experiences, survival skills, long-unanswered questions, and much more.

At The Bikery

1265 S Main St. Seattle


Alley Cat Racing

September 5th Warriors Race in Vancouver


The Warriors Race from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

Taken from HERE:

Alright everyone. This is the layout for the Warriors race…

You will pick your team of four. You can pick anyone, guy or girl, just as long as you’re prepared with your team of four. Teams may or may not need certain supplies – this is up to you and your gang. For example, you may want radios or cell phones to communicate. You might want bike tools, helmets, or any other shit that could help you along the way, if ya catch my drift.

Each team is given one manifest and every team member has to make it to every stop before your gang can advance to the next station, so protect your team by any means necessary! There will be a points system grading. This is based on time, the number of surviving gang members (on your team), and the number of opposing gang members your team has knocked off. You knock off other team members by ripping off their arm bands and registering your hit at the next station. If someone on that team takes one of your member’s arm bands OR if your tag makes it to the station before the arm band carrier does, you cannot register that hit and you will not get points for it. Beware – this will cause chaos and paranoia so be careful and be strategic!!

There will also be other special hidden points you can collect along the way, but they are not required stops. For example, you might need to look for a hidden gang tag somewhere near the stations. Now, only one of your guys has to get the extra points so send out a ringer to collect the points and meet ya back at the next station!!!

Basically, the best time and most points wins this race, so it’s a battle of speed, smarts and unity (with your gang that is!).
Registration is open as of now JULY 15th and will be closed September 1st at 11pm. To register please email your gang’s name and the four racers’ full names to Title this email “Come out and play.” The $25/member, $100/team entry fee can be collected at the start of the race or dropped off anytime between 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday at the Phantom Couriers office (B201 – 325 Howe Street). Get training and we will see ya all on the 5th at Surrey Central sssuuuuuccccccckkkkaaaaasss!!!


August 23rd- Seattle Bike-In

At Cal Anderson Park. Bands at 7pm- movies at dusk.
Though this is an advert for submissions and the deadline is passed, you may still want to see it.

Alley Cat Racing, GO MEANS GO events

Tour de Watertower results

The Tour de Watertower brought the pain to those that braved the course. 25 riders came out to race, an impressive number considering the 7 checkpoints, all water towers, were spread over 35 miles. Many people were intimidated by the hills, and I give much respect to those that decided to come out, threat of rain be damned, and put in a time. The rain finally started towards the end, when the riders that left last started arriving. That being said, I think a cooler day, even with some precipitation was preferred over a race in the blazing heat.

Three folks deciding against coasting, Treebeard, Malik, and Brian G, rocking fixed gears, and putting in great times, Treebeard coming in third overall.

Rob K came in, not with the fastest time, but with one of the more inventive routes, including a trip skitching across the I-5 bridge, as well as a bus ride back up to Capital Hill.

The Summit Public House provided hotdogs to the racers as we watched the Tour de France at the Summit after. For that we are grateful.

And now for the results:

  1. Tall Bryan 2h 19m 29s
  2. Trevor H 2h 27m 3s
  3. Tree beard 2h 30m 37s (First Fixed Gear)
  4. Evan S 2h 31m
  5. Rob K 2h 31m 6s
  6. Jason G 2h 31m 36s
  7. Greg B 2h 38m
  8. Max S 2h 38m 58s
  9. Malik B 2h 41m 11s
  10. Jessica W 2h 48m 30s (First Woman)
  11. Mike D 2h 50m 6s
  12. Brian G 3h 29s
  13. Ryan H 3h 5m 29s
  14. Stephen T 3h 7m 13s
  15. Greg T 3h 10m 28s
  16. Eric Z 3h 13m 29s
  17. Kenshi K 3h 15m 12
  18. Koos K 3h 16m 53s
  19. Rob J 3h 24m 15s
  20. Caroline M 3h 27m 24s
  21. Dave S 3h 37m 28s
  22. Ali M 3h 42m 14s (DFL)

DNF: Sylvie, Christian, Chris C

Photos taken by Tom Furtwangler from Bikejuju.  He also did a write up for the West Seattle Blog. Thanks Tom!

Thanks so much to all of the racers, sponsors, and people that worked checkpoints. These events wouldn’t happen without all of the support. A big thanks to Sam at the Summit Public House for letting us take over, and for showing the Tour de France, a big inspiration for this race.

Christauf designed the flier and spokecards, and Greg brought it together with the printing and laminating of the spoke cards. All those people rock and deserve much thanks.