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Just a bit of a break from the norm.

Tarck bike, Trick/Track, 700cmx, fixed freestyle, so many names. The research and development that has gone into fixed gear bikes over the past few years is building solid bikes that can be ridden hard and put away wet. More and more, these urban (and dare I say, dirt worthy) fixed gear bikes are getting a bit heavier, but more solid with every generation off the line. Volume offers a “Lifetime Warranty” on their Cutter frames, as well as their Fu Manchu forks. They’ve become so popular that unless you pre-ordered, you probably don’t have one.

One thing you won’t have a snowball’s chance in hell in finding is a lifetime warranty on wheels.

So what can you do about that? Traitor Bicycles is changing it up a bit as an answer to that question. Coming up soon is their 650b-MX bike.

This could change everything.

Taken from the Traitor site:

“Designed around a 650b fixed wheel, yes you read that correctly, this is the bike you can hammer around town on, jump over stuff, at stuff and do just about anything else on. We chose the 650b wheel because of the added strength offered by using a smaller diameter wheel which also has less toe overlap during barspins without the crazy long top tube. The frame also features oversized tubing, an integrated headset and a disc brake tab on the front fork, for those who want to run a front brake and still throw their bars. More pics and info to come on the one for sure.”

This is intriguing. When I’d heard that Traitor was working on a bike like this, I wasn’t sure what to think. My first reaction was something that was less than stellar. My pre-established opinion on 650 front wheels carried on to this bike, which sight unseen, I assumed would be something that would miss the point.

My main bike is anything but a track bike. It’s a street machine. Not a street machine like this:

But a Street Machine nonetheless.

My daily rider is coming up on 6 years old, an NYCBikes aluminum frame and carbon fork. I got it complete for $450, delivered to Alaska. It’s been ridden hard by my 210 pound body. I’ve gone through wheels, cranks, pedals, everything but the frame and fork. I like it, and it’s been beat to hell. I’m way more gentle on it now than when I got it. I don’t have a bunch of dough to drop on a new bike, and more importantly I am well aware that Aluminum and Carbon are not known for failing lightly. When they fail, they fail catastrophically.  But this isn’t about my bike.

I’m really curious about Traitor’s addition to the field.  I’d like to see one that fit me.  It seems that the 650b wheels might look a little small on a bigger bike?  Touring cyclists haven’t agreed what is better for their uses- 700c, 26″, or 650b, and now maybe the fixed gear community will have one more thing to figure out.  I’d be stoked to check this out- see how it rides, throw myself off some shit, and see if I make the switch.  The theory of the 650bmx is one I can get behind.  The feel is something that will have to be decided.

This looks to be a bike built for the streets.  The fork set up for disc brake routing seems solid, if you are into that kind of thing.  Bar spin the hell out of it, and still stop on a dime.

Some pics can be found below.  And go check out what Traitor is now offering, including a Single Speed Cyclocross bike that looks really good, as well as some antique brown anodizing, and a new drop bar.

Go to Traitor’s site HERE


Red YouR Dead Masher

This is the first urban fixed gear bike I’ve seen roll out with a stock 650 front. Personally, I’m not a fan of the 650 front wheel. If you want to do bar spins, get a bike built for it, if you want the front end lower, get a pursuit bike. But it isn’t going away, and cheers to the companies that see what the people want. So enter: “The Masher.”


A company in LA has brought this bike, designed for the “young and fearless rider” to the masses. For a limited time, you can get a frameset, including a BB and seatpost for $300.

The Masher is a Taiwanese-made 4130 chromoly steel frame with a straight-blade fork. The fork steer tube is 1-1/8-inch threadless for the integrated headset. Sizes include 46, 48, 50, 52, 54 and 56cm

Stay tuned for 5 more models coming out in 2010. I’m interested in seeing what else they have to offer. Best of luck guys.

For more information, visit


Team Trainwreck training video

“Life is too short not to be lived fast”
Notice the small cans of Four Loko consumed to encourage bad decisions. Have a good weekend.
Live Fast. Ride Faster.


Trials and error.

I haven’t posted any trials videos since Danny Macaskill blew us all away with his edit. Here is a little something something for those folks that like those funny bikes with no seats.


Her pain, your gain.

Sweet deal on Seattle Craigslist:

Husband’s Girlfriends Bike-Cheap Just Like Her – $50 (Ft Lewis)

Date: 2009-08-27, 7:37PM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Yep, you read it right!
Im selling my husband’s girlfriends bike. The stupid ass made the mistake of buying it for her and then leaving it in our garage.
Although Im not sure why he did, its pretty obvious that the skank gets NO exercise (other than being on her bloated knees) by the size of her FAT ASS.
Im sure it wasnt a subtle hint for her to lose about 50lbs…more so his dreaming that they could go biking together, since I dont go mountain biking with him…Im too busy taking care of our kids while he goes thru a midlife crisis, buying drums and jumping out of planes and all.

So heres the whore’s bike info:
Magna Tangerine – cantilever brakes – 21 speed – purple/black & silver
And she NEVER put her fat ass on it, so its like new and not infected…yay you!
Now while someone please come get this out of my sight?

  • Location: Ft Lewis
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 1346143946-0
Roller Racing

Results from 42BELOW sprints at the War Room (8/25)

This event concludes the final sprints that GO MEANS GO has been contracted to do with 42BELOW.  There are sprints scheduled for 9/11 at Flowers Bar, following the Bicycle Film Festival’s opening night.  Thank you for supporting these events, and stay tuned for information about the return of Emerald Sprints this fall and winter.

Qualifying Times

  • Patrick M    24.627
  • Brian G    25.977
  • Chase W    26.817
  • Eric C    26.905
  • Matthew G    27.149
  • Mike D    27.599
  • Ponch    28.46
  • Ryan L    28.474
  • Ben B    28.893
  • Kevin H    29.651
  • Kerry D    29.942
  • Hal    30.479
  • Ali M    30.518
  • Stickney    30.52
  • Felix N    31.003
  • Lee W    32.147
  • Monica G    32.161
  • Ryan W    32.175
  • Kristen F    32.445
  • Cody F    33.677
  • Fallon S    33.977
  • Anna L    34.155
  • Professor Dave    34.476
  • Elisa    35.368
  • Melissa W    35.462
  • Sylvie    37.102
  • Dan    37.187
  • Megan    37.343
  • Sarina    41.784

Grudge Matches

Sylvie    37.102
Dan    37.187

Hal    30.479
Sylvie    33.811

Robin    27.867
Karl    27.795

Men’s Round Two

Patrick M    24.345
Chase W    26.554

Brian G    25.457
Eric C    27.337

Women’s Final

Kerry D    30.685
Ali M    30.182

Men’s Final

Patrick M    23.573
Brian G    25.131

Men’s Standings
1.  Patrick M
2. Brian G
3. Chase W
4. Eric C

Women’s Standings
1.  Ali M
2. Kerry D
3. Monica G
4. Kristen F