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Bicycle vs. Helicoptor

I saw this on a friends Facebook page. Crazy.

Bicycle Beats Helicopter

Being the business hub of South America and one of the largest cities in the world has its bitter side: São Paulo has been drowning in a sea of automobiles (6 million and counting) for quite some time, and the future doesn’t show any signs of improvement. Insufficient buses and subway lines, together with private vehicles mostly with single occupants, compose a scenario of daily chaos, with frequently over 80kms (50mi) of traffic jams in the main avenues.

This car-centric urban transport model is showing signs of exhaustion. The average São Paulo inhabitant spends almost three hours a day stuck in traffic jams. That’s about 15 hours a week – or almost 2 working days. Apart from the economic and psychological damages, let alone the carbon footprint, this situation is a true hindrance for the city’s development and for the well-being of the people who live in it.

It was in this scenario that the São Paulo Intermodal Challenge was held. The challenge was simple: to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible – during rush hour – using the mode of transportation of your choice. The goal was to raise awareness regarding a number of alternatives to cars, and to promote the World Carless Day, by proving that avoiding traffic – and its consequences – might just be a matter of choice.

The means of transportation chosen ranged from cars, bikes, motorbikes, and a helicopter to buses, metro, their own feet and even a wheelchair. Contrary to all forecasts, a biker won the challenge, with a total time of 22 minutes – more than 10 minutes faster than the person on the helicopter, who spent a total of 33 minutes and 30 seconds between going to the heliport, waiting for takeoff clearance, flying and landing.
The car came way behind, with a total time of 1:22– slower than the runner, who took 1:06, the bus (1:11) and just 10 minutes faster than the person who chose to walk the whole path (1:32).

To move beyond the car paradigm is a necessity, one that gains an even greater importance due to São Paulo’s size and economic relevance. The Intermodal Challenge may not present any real solution to the problem, but at least it brings some attention towards a fundamental question that is urban mobility and how it impacts the ecosystem we live in every way.

Contributed by Mauricio Soares (@mausoares)
Image Credits: Marcelo Pereira / Terra


End of Summer.

Here’s a little clip if you like 8 bit, and computer’s singing (it will open a new window):


And with the end of the summer is the end of the ice cream truck that ironically enough would play “Bicycle Built for Two”

We’ll see you next summer, Ice Cream Man.



Portland: Freak Bike Fall


Looks like loads of fun.  More info, and updates HERE


Mini bike pump track TBD


5pm:  Freak Bike Alleycat
Meet at Dawson Park @ N. Williams and Stanton

9pm-ish: Meet at Lucky Devil Lounge for MMR
The earlier you get there, the more boobies you get to see.

Pro- Photographers will be on hand to snap photos of the most Freak Bikes in PDXXX. Bring yours!
– costume contest, WEAR YOUR BEST FOR HALLOWEEN!
– freak bike beauty contest , decided once and for all by a jury of your peers.
– 6 person jousting sudden death rally
– on to the mystery location! Ride is freak bike friendly.

nooner: brunch @ 5239 NE Garfield at Sumner

(go & set up for Deth Trak)

4:20pm: @ NW 405 underpass at NW 18th & Savier

6pm:  Meet at the Steele Bridge for Concourse D’ Elegance/ Oregon Manifest group ride. They’ll be Champagne! ride to OM location, Crash party!

11:11am: brunch @ Black Sheep Bakery NE 19th ave at Glisan, N of Sandy Blvd.
Followed by Bike-Endo with Nature Boy at Buckman Field

3pm: Freak Bike Special Olympics at 13th & Alder (Hawthorne Bridge if it RAINS!)
– best trick, open class
– tall bike musical chairs
– slowest tall bike race
– blind biker, dizzy switch-off race
– open flag race soda (four loko) chug
– egg & spoon race
– ‘pie’ jousting
9pm: meet at the Pyle, 13th & Burnside, then on to the hill!
10:30pm: races: open/family, 12″, 16″, g-bike, skate, fastest freak bike in Portland!
– on to Lego Haus for closing ceremonies & party fun!


This weekend. Mas events para ti. *updated

Another big weekend. Friday is the benefit for PJ at Cafe Metropolitan


Saturday Zach has an alleycat


And Sunday is Beau’s birthday ride with Bike Sabbath.

*UPDATE. Since I have been informed that the Bike Sabbath riders are armed, I should post the flier that I just received. (You think Larry used to make punk rock fliers?) Here you go :


There you have it. Yes. There will be guns…. And I hope someone is making a Faygo flavored Juggalo cake, because that would be AMAZING! Seriously.


Movie night!

Anybody know where to get a copy of this movie?


Hugo is the winningest 6-day racer in Italy, beating everyone, including the Mafia’s ‘Fixed’ riders. To stop losing gambling moneys, the Mafia decides to wear Hugo down by throwing beautiful women at him, hoping to reduce his endurance and stamina. This Adult movie from the late 70’s was Competitive Cycling Magazine‘s choice for best cycling footage in the era before ‘Breaking Away’. Dubbed.

It sounds amazing.


It’s kinda like bikes, with face paint.

So just because somebody rides a road bike, and somebody else rides a bmx bike, or a fixed gear, or a mountain bike…. Why we gotta hate? Listen to Juggaloninja117 and his homey Slipknot as they break it down for us proper like. If maggots and clowns can be friends, why can’t we? One love.



Funny bike

An unusual bike design, “Forkless – Cruiser” by Olli Erkkila. He built it for his graduation project at the Institute of Design in Lahti, Finland.



Seen on Notcot


It’s time for an Americathon!

In the not too distant future, the United States government is virtually bankrupt and in danger of being foreclosed on by a group of Native Americans, now owners of the massive Nike Corporation. A desperate President decides to make a last-ditch effort to save the country… by raising money with a telethon!




Taking the bicycle concept to a playful level, UK-based designer Ben Wilson created a new “Seebikesaw” silhouette for Brooks England, one of the countries most respected and oldest bike component companies. The “Seebikesaw” follows an obvious theme, fusing a traditional bike and the classic children’s favorite, a Seesaw. The piece utilizes both a Brooks B33 sprung saddle and leather bar tape.


Seen on Hypebeast