This weekend. Mas events para ti. *updated

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Another big weekend. Friday is the benefit for PJ at Cafe Metropolitan


Saturday Zach has an alleycat


And Sunday is Beau’s birthday ride with Bike Sabbath.

*UPDATE. Since I have been informed that the Bike Sabbath riders are armed, I should post the flier that I just received. (You think Larry used to make punk rock fliers?) Here you go :


There you have it. Yes. There will be guns…. And I hope someone is making a Faygo flavored Juggalo cake, because that would be AMAZING! Seriously.

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Comments (3)

  • Monica


    Is Beau the one in the basket?


  • rschuetze


    It’s a tough call. I’ve never seen Beau in a skirt, or a basket. All I know is those damn ET fingers are creepy as hell. They look like little sausages hanging over the basket. Gross.


  • GHXC


    Judging by the photo, I’m pretty sure shes actually an ET hunter, and uses their skins to make those skirts.

    Which brings up a good point: how much more awesome would it have been if it were ET vs. Predator?


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