This weekend. Mas events para ti. *updated

This weekend. Mas events para ti. *updated

Another big weekend. Friday is the benefit for PJ at Cafe Metropolitan


Saturday Zach has an alleycat


And Sunday is Beau’s birthday ride with Bike Sabbath.

*UPDATE. Since I have been informed that the Bike Sabbath riders are armed, I should post the flier that I just received. (You think Larry used to make punk rock fliers?) Here you go :


There you have it. Yes. There will be guns…. And I hope someone is making a Faygo flavored Juggalo cake, because that would be AMAZING! Seriously.

3 thoughts on “This weekend. Mas events para ti. *updated

  1. It’s a tough call. I’ve never seen Beau in a skirt, or a basket. All I know is those damn ET fingers are creepy as hell. They look like little sausages hanging over the basket. Gross.

  2. Judging by the photo, I’m pretty sure shes actually an ET hunter, and uses their skins to make those skirts.

    Which brings up a good point: how much more awesome would it have been if it were ET vs. Predator?

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