Cantilever and Press

My good friends Matt and Chessa are also very talented artists, now residing in Vancouver, BC.  Matt contacted me a while back with news that he’s been using the woodshop that lives in their apartment building.

Enter:  Cantilever and Press.

Reclaimed wood, and very customizable, Matt is a friendly guy, and is known as “The Wood Whisperer” because of his ability to coax even the most wild woods into things welcome in any home.  Check out the Cantilever and Press Etsy store .

You can also see the frame rack at ART VELO in Seattle, Nov 1-14.  It will be for sale, so get that frame out of the closet and onto the wall for all to see!


Also, congrats to Matt, he’s been doing well in his cyclocross racing this season up there in Vancouver.  Also, yes.  Yes he does have a beautiful Bob Jackson track bike.

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  • meat

    October 30, 2009

    thanks ryan! we miss your face. see you for the Revival!

    p.s. – I like custom work as well, so all you kids can ask for magic special things too.

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