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Drunk riding in Germany

Germany isn’t that fond of drinking and riding it seems.  What are the alternatives?  Maybe get in a car?  Holy cow.  This is crazy.


Student Biking Drunk Banned Cycling 15 Years

Christoper Felix Hahn, a student at the theater science in Gießen located in Germany was just banned from cycling for 15 years, which also includes riding a skateboard or any other unlicensed vehicle. So you might wonder what this young man did to have such a harsh punishment, well he was caught riding his bike drunk. It is a crime in the United States and throughout the world to ride a bike drunk, but being banned from riding a bike for 15 years is extreme. After leaving a party early in the mourning in June 2008, he was confronted by local police who administered a breathalyzer, and he was three times the legal limit (Hahn’s blood alcohol level was 0.171%, the legal limit in Germany is 0.05%). He then paid a $700 fine, and had to wait for his record to clear before receiving a drivers license, but he thought the ordeal was over.

Christopher received a letter that he must submit a medical and psychological examination, but since he knew he could not receive a drivers license the letter was ignored, plus the steep €500 was a bit out of reach for a student. Due to no action on the letter he received, he was then forbid from using any license free vehicle on the streets, which includes any type of bike. The has to be served for a mandatory of 15 years before lifted. Pretty harsh, it goes to show how strict other parts of the world are.


Happy Turkey Day

GO MEANS GO hopes that you are spending this day with friends, family, or at least on a nice ride.

Today I’ll be getting nostalgic, giving thanks for the many things in life that I sometimes take for granted.  I’m the luckiest guy I know.  I have a wonderful lady in my life that started cooking Tuesday for the 14 people that will be coming over Thursday to share in what will most assuredly be an amazing dinner.  I’m thankful for my Mom and Sister, who are always there to support me, and I wish I lived closer to them.  I’m thankful for my pals around the world that I’ve traveled with, organized with, ridden bikes with, drank with, and discussed things of importance with.  My friends and adopted family in Alaska, always in my heart- you all helped make me the man I am today.  Friends no longer with us, a thought goes to you as well.

I don’t say it enough, but I’m thankful to be alive every day.  Life is precious, fragile, and very short.  Enjoy it.  Times may be tough- money may be tight- but I’m a lucky motherfucker.  And I love my life.  Now let’s eat some food.


Whatever you choose to eat for Thanksgiving, even if you don’t celebrate the date- give thanks for those you love.  Be nice to each other.  And don’t forget to ride your bike with those you love.

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Available now: Prohab Helmet Society 2010 Calendar

I got my calendar in the mail the other day, and I must say that I’m very impressed. All in all, the best bike calendar I’ve seen yet. The women photographed are real riders, and tastefully photographed with a great balance of character, humor, and playfulness.
Not only is the photography great- the calendar itself has the more popular holidays listed. (Canadian holidays don’t include Columbus Day, or presidents day, but they do have Boxing Day and Kwanzaa!) It also lists many of the regularly scheduled Vancouver BC bike events like Bad Party, Night Riders, and Gastown Sprints. Each Calendar page has artwork as a backdrop, which is another nice addition. This thing is jam packed full of goodness, and you should grab one now while they are still available.

Best of all, the calendar benefits Prohab, which is a great organization doing wonderful things- like saving lives- No big deal.

Taken from the calendar notes:

The confederation for the Protection Of Heads and Brains (PROHAB) has a goal: to be sustainable in providing helmets by donation to active people who wouldn’t normally wear them.

The 2010 Ladies Bike Calendar is a collaboration of artists, photographers, models, and friends. Featuring helmeted women in and around Vancouver having fun with their bikes, the 2010 Ladies Bike Calendar aims to show that you can have fun–and be sexy–while being safe.

We Thank you very much for being a part of this project, and you can find more information on PROHAB at

Dustin, Renee, and the PROHAB family

As a side note, the address doesn’t seem to work, so you can get to the WordPress page HERE. You can purchase the calendar from the blog page, as well as donate to the cause.

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Copenhagen 1937

Cool vid that I saw over on about Copenhagen. 1937. It shows a bit about the city and talks of how bicycles are such an integral part of the city. You’ll see the mermaid statue that sits in the harbor, which was the inspiration for the scuba diver that sits off the shore in Stanley Park in Vancouver BC. Pretty cool stuff. I hope to visit Copenhagen one day, for someone that loves bicycle culture as much as I do, it’s like Mecca. When I do make it there, I may never return.

There is some really great footage on here. It looks like everyday is like Critical Mass, but with better dressed riders.


You’re not supposed to do that.

I saw this over on Locked Cog and had to repost it.  Got me all nostalgic about the time that I rode my bike across the Bay Bridge.  1998.  Me and 20 of my closest friends spent some time in jail for that little stunt.  Our ride was done at a much slower pace, during rush hour, and on crappy mountain bikes in order to gain publicity for the planning stages of the new Bay Bridge.  We were riding to show that there needed to be a a bike path on the new bridge.  We made the news, and all seemed grand.  When the new bridge is finished, there still won’t be a way to ride your bike from Oakland to San Francisco.  Boo.

This vid looks like fun, I like the tandem action.

The Worst Preview Trailer – Track Bike Over the Bay Bridge from Stu Barnes on Vimeo.