Swift Industries + Partybots= Gifted

Martina and Jason stopped by Art Velo the other night to take a look at some of the art gracing the walls. You may remember them from the Path Less Pedaled a while back. I am a big fan of Swift Industries. They have some great products, including their saddlebags, panniers, and my personal favorite, the Pelican Porteur rack bag, made for the 5 rail Cetma rack. They’ve also got tool pouches, hip pouches, and are solid individuals. They recently did a collaboration with Partybots, for this holiday season, so you can now get their Roll Top Panniers or their Pelican Porteur rack bag with a fella riding an Ordinary bicycle on them. Each “Gifted” package comes with a subscription to Boneshaker. The perfect gift for your bike touring friends and family. These are made in a VERY limited run, so pick one up today.


  • The Pelican Porteur Gifted Package is selling for $200 (plus shipping) and includes a subscription to Boneshaker, as well as the waxwear porteur bag with the Partybots Ordinary on it.
  • The Roll Top Pannier Gifted Package is available for $275 (plus shipping) and also includes a subscription to Boneshaker.

If you are looking for quality in a handmade piece of cycling luggage, you’ve got it in Swift Industries. And the addition of the Partybots ordinary is the icing on the cake. It’s like a cake made of bicycles.

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