Fyxation Tires

Q: Why did the bicycle fall over?

A: Because it was “two(sic) tired”

I don’t have to tell you that your tires play an important role while riding a bike. Take a look at any bike shop and you’ll see different tires for every common wheel size, and every application. When it comes to riding a fixed gear, they are not only your only point of contact with the road; they act as brake pads. They also work as shock absorption in pot hole ridden streets and in tricks that seem to be getting bigger by the day.

BMX, cyclocross and mountain biking have played a large, though understated role in the evolution of the fixed gear; riders realizing that parts on these bikes, though possibly weighing in a little more than what is available for track bikes, will not break as often when they go for that 6 stair they’ve had their eye on. A lot of companies have jumped on the bandwagon when it coomes to this fixed gear trick thing. Dozens of frames are being produced purporting to be built for tricks and urban riding, some performing better than others. Many forks wouldn’t allow bar spins with a 700c wheel, or they would bend while performing tricks, so forks evolved into something looking like a big bmx fork. Most other parts were taken care of, robbed off of peoples bmx or mountain bikes. What’s missing? Tires. When skid tricks were king, there were a few tires boasting the ability to skid through hell and back. Well, tricks evolved a little- they got bigger, and the demands for rubber changed.


Fyxation saw the writing on the wall. Tires needed to change. Skid tricks were fading and kids were going bigger and bigger with air, gaps, and drops. Something that provided traction was necessary. And a little fatter than a 25, without putting a knobby cyclocross tire on. Enter: The Fyxation Session 700. Fyxation is a company bourne of the evolution that take place as new ground is broken. The Session is a 700 x 28c tire made with bead to bead tread, resembling a bmx tire. The tire is foldable, and built tough, with a 120 TPI carcass. By my measurements, they are 29mm at their widest point.

29mm at the widest point

Fyxation sent me a set of the black Sessions, and I’ve been riding them for nearly a month. So far I’m very happy with the results. The weather here in Seattle is quickly becoming fall-like. In the time that I’ve been testing these tires: the leaves have fallen, the rains have come, and it’s gotten much colder in the evenings. A great test for tires. I have been happy with their handling, cornering, and their “Cushion for the pushin”

Fyxation doesn’t market these tires as “skidding tires.” I have found them very grippy on dry ground , and as such, it doesn’t feel like you’ll win any skid competitions with them. This grip allows for more control on dry ground, which I prefer over a tire that easily skids. That being said, and in an effort to give them a full test, I’ve been skidding more than I usually do, and they have done just fine. I ride my tires at around 100psi (recommended 80-110psi), and they offer a good balance of shock absorption and ride quality.

Available in a rainbow of fruit flavors, they are also available in black and brown with white sidewalls. They will soon make available a “Dual-Compound” tire, with a harder center strip, for those that want a mix between grip and skidability. From what Ben at Fyxation tells me, a 23c is coming soon as well.  Many fixed gear trick riders are riding fatter tires- 32c or even 38c.  I can’t speak to whether or not Fyxation will be bringing out a wider tire.  I can say that if bikes continue to evolve, you can expect Fyxation to keep their ear to the ground.


Fyxations are available online through their website, as well as independent bike shops around the country, and sell for around $50 per tire.

Also stay on the lookout for Fyxation Saddles, available soon. You can check their blog for updates HERE