You’re not supposed to do that.

I saw this over on Locked Cog and had to repost it.  Got me all nostalgic about the time that I rode my bike across the Bay Bridge.  1998.  Me and 20 of my closest friends spent some time in jail for that little stunt.  Our ride was done at a much slower pace, during rush hour, and on crappy mountain bikes in order to gain publicity for the planning stages of the new Bay Bridge.  We were riding to show that there needed to be a a bike path on the new bridge.  We made the news, and all seemed grand.  When the new bridge is finished, there still won’t be a way to ride your bike from Oakland to San Francisco.  Boo.

This vid looks like fun, I like the tandem action.

The Worst Preview Trailer – Track Bike Over the Bay Bridge from Stu Barnes on Vimeo.

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