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Available now: Prohab Helmet Society 2010 Calendar

I got my calendar in the mail the other day, and I must say that I’m very impressed. All in all, the best bike calendar I’ve seen yet. The women photographed are real riders, and tastefully photographed with a great balance of character, humor, and playfulness.
Not only is the photography great- the calendar itself has the more popular holidays listed. (Canadian holidays don’t include Columbus Day, or presidents day, but they do have Boxing Day and Kwanzaa!) It also lists many of the regularly scheduled Vancouver BC bike events like Bad Party, Night Riders, and Gastown Sprints. Each Calendar page has artwork as a backdrop, which is another nice addition. This thing is jam packed full of goodness, and you should grab one now while they are still available.

Best of all, the calendar benefits Prohab, which is a great organization doing wonderful things- like saving lives- No big deal.

Taken from the calendar notes:

The confederation for the Protection Of Heads and Brains (PROHAB) has a goal: to be sustainable in providing helmets by donation to active people who wouldn’t normally wear them.

The 2010 Ladies Bike Calendar is a collaboration of artists, photographers, models, and friends. Featuring helmeted women in and around Vancouver having fun with their bikes, the 2010 Ladies Bike Calendar aims to show that you can have fun–and be sexy–while being safe.

We Thank you very much for being a part of this project, and you can find more information on PROHAB at

Dustin, Renee, and the PROHAB family

As a side note, the address doesn’t seem to work, so you can get to the WordPress page HERE. You can purchase the calendar from the blog page, as well as donate to the cause.

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