Happy Turkey Day

GO MEANS GO hopes that you are spending this day with friends, family, or at least on a nice ride.

Today I’ll be getting nostalgic, giving thanks for the many things in life that I sometimes take for granted.  I’m the luckiest guy I know.  I have a wonderful lady in my life that started cooking Tuesday for the 14 people that will be coming over Thursday to share in what will most assuredly be an amazing dinner.  I’m thankful for my Mom and Sister, who are always there to support me, and I wish I lived closer to them.  I’m thankful for my pals around the world that I’ve traveled with, organized with, ridden bikes with, drank with, and discussed things of importance with.  My friends and adopted family in Alaska, always in my heart- you all helped make me the man I am today.  Friends no longer with us, a thought goes to you as well.

I don’t say it enough, but I’m thankful to be alive every day.  Life is precious, fragile, and very short.  Enjoy it.  Times may be tough- money may be tight- but I’m a lucky motherfucker.  And I love my life.  Now let’s eat some food.


Whatever you choose to eat for Thanksgiving, even if you don’t celebrate the date- give thanks for those you love.  Be nice to each other.  And don’t forget to ride your bike with those you love.

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  • kfs-one

    November 27, 2009

    I miss you Brother. I love you.

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