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Dark Days Winners announced!

You’ve been waiting for it, watching the Flickr group grow- and now it’s time to announce the talented winners of the Dark Days photo contest. There were some really great images submitted, and Tom from Bikejuju and I had a hard time selecting the winners we did. A huge thanks goes out to Bikeglow and Planet Bike in their support of this contest- lights are always perfect prizes!

The winner of the Planet Bike winter commuter package

Selected by the staff at Planet Bike: Mark Magnussun. For his photo Düsseldorf Winter Landscape Mark wins a set of Cascadia fenders, a mini pump, a Blaze 2W or Blaze Dynamo headlight, a SuperFlash rear light, and a saddle bag with tire levers and patch kit.   Great job Mark!


Best Overall Image

As I said before, picking our favorites was very difficult.  There was such a diverse bunch to pull from, and photos by people from many cycling camps were submitted.

Though we couldn’t agree on our one favorite overall- we both felt that Tim Kainu did a great job with all the photos he submitted.  Tim will ride away with a nice prize package worth over $100 – a Bikeglow unit, a Planet Bike Blaze 2 watt LED headlight, and a Planet Bike Superflash Stealth rear blinkie light.



Best Northwest Image

Robin (Ray Tracing) is a talented individual all around.  He is a great writer, and his photography is splendid.  He did a great job on all of his photos, and we chose this one of the lovely Caroline with Seattle’s downtown as a backdrop.  Robin will also take home a full prize package – a Bikeglow unit, a Planet Bike Blaze 2 watt LED headlight, and a Planet Bike Superflash Stealth rear blinkie light.


Most Creative image

This one was difficult.  Being the Dark Days photo contest, lights became a brush for some, and a canvas for others.  After some discussion, Tom and I decided that one of the earlier entries, by Twin Cities Brightest should be awarded a Bikeglow unit, a Planet Bike Blaze 2 watt LED headlight, and a Planet Bike Superflash Stealth rear blinkie light.  It still blows my mind a little when I look at it.


Thanks to the fine sponsors, we had more lights than those awarded to the winners listed above.  Here are a few more of our favorites, which will go home with stuff as well, so you should get in touch with us!

There were lots of “in motion on the street” shots submitted, of those we chose this ghostly commuter image from Ken Kraft as the winner of a Planet Bike Spok micro blinkie.


Sweendo gets a Planet Bike Superflash Stealth for his creative Northwest submissions that were close runners up in several categories.


DPJ gets a Planet Bike Spok micro blinkie for the great images submitted.


If Flickr user Carol Torres in Sao Paolo can come up with a USA address for me to mail it to, she can get a Planet Bike Spok micro blinkie for her photo from Amsterdam.


And finally, because we ran out of prizes long before we ran out of great photos, Flickr user Cosmicmotionstudios gets our last Planet Bike Spok micro blinkie.


Thanks again to everyone who participated! Your photos are all amazing.

Winners: Tom is trying to reach you, but if you see this first, email with your mailing address (US or Canada only.)

If you are Tim, Ray or TCB, state your order of preference for a blue, red or white Bikeglow unit, and for a black or white Planet Bike Blaze. First folks to express a preference will get priority, and we’ll give up on contacting all winners by late January and give any leftover prizes away in future contests.

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