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    January 23, 2010

    Its probably best to leave the stunt riding to the paid professionals. A friend was holding onto the back of a pickup when the driver tried to loose him. He got bumped as the truck swerved back and forth. He was on the ground. Lesson learned; hold on behind the rear wheel. Don’t make eye contact.
    SUVs are amazing because they either have a roof rack (if your really tall) or the rear wheel well is at a prefect height. I allays watch the surface of the road for potholes and the front wheels to make sure the car is going straight.
    Seattle drivers usually freak out if they see you on the side of their cars. They like to just stop and you can sling shot around them. Midwest drivers don’t really care, sometimes they just speed up. Holding onto a cab is a very bad idea because they already want you dead because your on a bicycle in the city.
    Don’t try it. Especially on a fixed gear. Leave it to the pros from Dover, with their body armor and their skills. I will tell you this, going from downtown to Ballard at 45+ is a hell of a thrill.

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