Change is the question. Nau is the answer.

As it’s been said here before, it’s difficult to find clothing that looks good while at the same time being comfortable enough to wear while running errands on your bike. If you seek ecological responsibility and accountability in addition to the aforementioned qualities- you may as well (as my Grandad always told me) “Wish in one hand, shit in the other; see which one fills up first.”

Or so we thought.

Meet Nau. From their website:

Nau (pronounced “now”) is a clothing company based in Portland, Oregon. We make sustainable urban+outdoor apparel – integrated designs for the modern mobile life.

My man Meat (who is always looking so fast and fashionable) sent me some info that there is a big ol’ sale at Nau going on. Now you can get some fashionable, functional, and ecologically responsible clothing at a bargain price. I’ve done some window shopping for you, and now you can head over and see for yourself the wonderful world that is NAU.

And there is clothing for the ladies as well.

Though not cycling specific, their clothing is build to be durable in it’s outdoor use. Maybe you’ll see some reviews at some point and I’ll let you know how it holds up.

Thanks for the heads up Meat.

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