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Wheelies for days

This photo feels like a sunny day.


Adrian sent me this VIA

Adrian is moving to NYC soon.  Seattle will miss you my friend.


From the mountians to the sea

I missed the premiere in Vegas last year for Dust and Bones, but it looks pretty amazing, and it makes my back hurt a little.

And then down in the San Francisco Bay, they put a little boat ride together. Great shots.


Swift Industries x Partybots

Last November I posted a collaboration from Swift Industries and Partybots.  The two companies have a similar ethos, creative minds, and love bikes.  Now they have another collaboration featuring new artwork from Karl at Partybots.  As soon as the Seattle Bike Swap you will be able to purchase  products with the hand screened “Bike Parts” Partybots art work on them.

I mentioned in another post my love for the Swift Industries Pelican Porteur bag, which here has the print on the flap.  Waterproof liner, 3M reflective tape on the front, and built to mount onto a Cetma 5 rail rack.



History, Roller Racing

They see me rollin’…

Riding rollers isn’t new by any means.  It’s been a training tool and used for competition and amusement (roller racing) for many years.  The wooden drums of old have been put by the wayside, making room for steel, then the alloy and poly drums of today.

I have never had the opportunity to ride old wooden rollers.  I’m sure I wouldn’t be eager to get rid of my Kreitler 4.5 Alloy rollers if I did- but I appreciate history and would enjoy the experience.  I found a few little snippets of rollers of old- a photo of some women in a 4 person roller race (though it looks like it may have been a photo opp or movie still)- and a tutorial on how to ride rollers for your first time.



Bobby McMullen

Rider with only 20% vision in one eye. He likens it to closing your left eye, then looking through a rolled up piece of paper with vaseline on your lens. Wow. His riding- solid. His commitment, love for the bike and dedication- inspiring. Meet Bobby McMullen. Get out and ride.