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Seattle Bike Swap

Many people get the Seattle Bicycle Swap and the Seattle Bicycle Expo confused.  Both are put on by Cascade Bicycle Club– but the Expo gets much more press than it’s second hand cousin.  The Swap gets none of the flash that the Expo enjoys and happens earlier, so many people just assume they are the same thing and miss The Swap all together.  Well don’t let this happen to you.  Mark your calendars:


Seattle Bike Swap

Saturday February 27th, 2010 9 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Magnuson Park Hangar #30

Taken from the Cascade Bike Club page:

The Seattle Bike Swap, now in its 14th year, is a bike bargain hunter’s paradise with up to 100 vendors under the same roof! Expect great deals on new and used bike-related goods, from complete bikes to small parts. You never know exactly what vendors will bring to sell and what treasures you will find. Don’t miss this one-day-only sale!


General Adult Admission is on a sliding time scale:

9 a.m. to 1 p.m. – $5
1 p.m. to 2 p.m. – FREE
Kids under age 15 are FREE all day!

No cash machine will be available on-site. Be sure to bring cash or checks with you, as most vendors won’t take credit cards. As always, the best thing to “swap” for goods is cash.

If you ride your bike to the event, be sure to bring a lock – there will be racks available, but they will be unattended.

Best to arrive early because the really good stuff goes fast!

When they say “best to arrive early” they mean it.  By 9am there is a line of over 75 people.  So don’t stay out too late- get your coffee on the way- and though all the deals will have likely been snatched up by the vendors doing dealings before the door opens, get there early.  See you there- and good luck.

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Cascade Bicycle Studio reception Friday

This Friday, February 26 in Fremont- come welcome Cascade Bicycle Studio to their new home. There will be a DJ, Emerald Sprints, and you can see some of the amazing stuff Zac will be carrying in house. The opening is free and will start at 7pm. A qualifying round of Sprints will start at 8pm- and we will start finals at 9pm.

DJ Home will be spinning- and good times will be had.

Please RSVP by emailing Zac




Seattle had some nice weather last week and many people got out on the road to put in some miles. This little vid of a ride gone awry was sent my way and I just watched it today.

What I learned:

No bar tape + wool gloves + filming while riding = Ouch!

Ouch! from Matthew Sumi on Vimeo.


Scrapers and then some

Most people with at least a little familiarity with urban bicycle culture have seen or heard of Scraper bikes. Oakland, California… birthplace of the Scraper Bike. Like with most things in the bay, somebody wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes:

And of course, like any song from “The Town”… the remix:

Kids in Queens have brought it to the next level:

And then on the Lower East Side they’ve got the Puerto Rican Schwinn Club- it’s like Scrapers for old folks:

The one thing all these people have in common? Their love for their bikes. Bikes go way beyond transportation for many people- they are also an outlet for expression. The customization that goes into bikes like these is impressive and speaks volumes about their owners. It doesn’t necessarily cost a lot of money, but the value that these folks place in their bikes is admirable.

You just can’t put a price on love.

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This week in Seattle

Friday February 19th

1st Seattle Midnight Mystery Ride.  Meet at Twilight Exit (2514 E. Cherry) at 11pm, group rolls out at midnight.  A fun based event, the ride will be no more than 5 miles long and travel at a comfortable pace.  Finish will be at a location that is central and hanging out will ensue.  The mystery ride will be a monthly occurence taking place on the third Friday of every month.

Saturday February 20th

Beard & Stache Dash. A combination of alleycat race and scavenger hunt, the Dash will start with a wholesome brunch at Cherry Street Coffee (1212 1st Avenue) at 11am for participants to socialize and get their much needed energy for the event. The Dash is about 25 miles long, is man versus machine and is open to both bicycles and mopeds. Awards for both motorized and non-motorized winners. Facial Hair not required to participate in the fun!

Dash packs will be distributed at 12:30pm and the Dash begins at 1pm promptly. Registration fee is $5 and the proceeds from the event benefit Treehouse, a local non-profit that helps foster children in the Seattle area.


Sunday February 21st

Seattle’s Tweed Ride.  Tweed rides are the rage world wide- and Seattle is no exception.  A leisurely ride will take place in Seattle on a Sunday Afternoon.  Meet at the Cal Anderson Fountain at noon- the ride will depart promptly at 1pm.  It will be a mellow group ride.

If you are looking for tweed clothing, Seattle’s thrift stores are full of it, and you will get a dapper looking outfit at a reasonable price with a minimum amount of shopping.



Mini Bike Winter Chariot War

As Seattle spent the weekend taking part in rides, alleycats, and roller races- Portland bikers were tearing each other limb from limb at Mini Bike Winter.

Here is a little edit from the Chariot Wars- Congratulations to Jake Ryder from Zoobomb- Chariot war champ 2 years running. I’m not sure of his drivers name. I think the fella at the end sums it up best “ROCK N’ ROLL”