Swift Industries: Sum of it’s parts series

I have posted about this before, but you can now purchase the new “Sum of it’s parts” series by Swift Industries and Partybots online.  So if you are the proud owner owner of a Cetma 5-rail rack- go get a Pelican Porteur bag.  And if you aren’t-  there will soon be the saddle bags available.  These look great and are build tough.


From the website:

The Sum of Its Parts Series is a celebration of the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of the bicycle, drawn by Karl Addison of Partybots Eco Apparel and Art. The design is an ode to each component of the bicycle’s overall gestalt, form, and function. Each bicycle bag has been silk-screened, cut, and sewn right here in Seattle, Washington.

$200.00 The Pelican Porteur Bag features an olive green cordura flap and front pocket set with a mint/kelly design, and is complimented by grey thread and charcoal trim. You may choose a black, grey or teal body.

(And next week, watch for the Sum of it Parts Saddle Touring Bag)



  • EricTheBeard

    March 17, 2010

    All mounted up on a sweet, local Trator.

    All the right stuff.

  • Baron Geoff

    March 19, 2010

    I just picked up my swift custom for my G11. So dope. They are great folks and make an awesome product.

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