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Outlier this spring

I have hopes that you’ve heard of Outlier Tailored Performance by now.  A company out of New York incorporating their love of the bicycle into the clothing that they design.  A fondness for wool and classic details sets them apart from many of the clothiers offering products on the market today.  They work with the people making their clothes and most are tailored in New York.  Built to last, with style that is timeless- their clothing line looks very impressive.

Their Spring Storm caps are made from water resistant and breathable Loro Piana wool and lined on the inside.  Available in 3 sizes so you can get the right fit. $80.00


Their merino wool polo shirt looks very comfortable and should wear well.  It’s hard to beat the comfort of Merino wool. $97.00


The Workwear pant is Outlier’s way of sidestepping what people know as trousers and putting a spin on it.  They aren’t trying to mimic what is already available.  Riding in most trousers is usually less than ideal, so they started over.  They started with a bicycle and built pants around them.  $188.00


The Outlier Pivot Sleeve dress shirt looks well designed and much thought has gone into it.  From the bike to the office.  Seamlessly.  Beautiful work.  $144.00


The Outlier website is full of information about the products they offer, their sizing and seems up to date with what they have in stock.  They also will cover return shipping if you picked the wrong size.  These things happen.

The pricepoint is a fair bit higher than average street duds, more akin to fine dress clothes, or dare I say… Rapha wear.  Outlier garmets are made in the United States, New York even- with quality materials and an attention to detail.  In this instance, it appears that you are getting what you pay for.

That being said, I haven’t had the opportunity to wear any of their clothing, but look forward to at some point.  I right about Outlier because I love the idea of companies making clothing for people that ride, but those that may not want to get decked out in spandex.  The bicycle is a perfect blend of form and function and Outlier clothing seems to be a good match for the bicycle.   Outlier is a small company with big ideas- and we like that.  Keep on keepin’ on Outlier.


Cabin Fever

This weekend in Tacoma:


I’m pretty sure that this is a ride, not a race- but if you go, let me know how it is!  Keep it going Tacoma!

BMX, Events

Refresh Seattle Premiere

Seattle BMX Movie Premiere.



-Wednesday April 21st at 9 pm at the Pickford theater in Bellingham
-Thursday April 22nd at 7 pm at the Guild theater in Wallingford, Seattle
-Friday April 23rd at 8 pm 21+ party at the Still Liquor on Capitol
Hill, Seattle, Free goods from the sponsors and a Taco Truck out
-Saturday April …24th at 6 pm at Goods Bike Shop in Portland


Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor is an artist from Brighton, England with varied interests and a love for the bicycle. His new work is called Moving is Living.


An edition of 21.

Available HERE


“Put me back on my bike”

Laek House is consistently bringing t-shirts to market that look good and also pay homage to the roots of cycling.  These most recent tees are no exception.

The Tom Simpson:




Available HERE

Cyclocross, Events

We’re coming out…

Ladies and Gentlemen…. It’s time to get this party started right. This October, Seattle will host the Single Speed CycloCross World Championships. It will be three days of awesome. Whether racing or viewing from the sidelines, you won’t want to miss what’s in store.

Come out to Hooverville April 29th to get a small taste of what will be taking place this fall. MFG will be announcing their race calendar for the season, there will be a DJ, beer specials and free stuff. It’s 21+ and free to attend.


The Facebook Event Page: