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I love this feeling

You ever want something really bad, and then get it? I’m not talking about a new flavor of Doritos or getting to watch the finale of Lost… I’m talking about a bike. This old Canadian Tire commercial almost brought a tear to my eye.


New t-shirts

The only way these shirts could be more metal is if they were made of steel.  Christauf’s design was well received when we got this out a while back- now it’s time for you to wear it like you stole it.


These are hand pulled screen prints on black cotton shirts.  You can get your very own HERE.  They are $22 and help keep the lights on around here.  There are also some other designs up for sale.  Get one of everything.

See more of Christauf’s work HERE

GO MEANS GO events

9 to 5 Big Raffle!

It’s been a little crazy at Go Means Go headquarters the past couple weeks.  We’ve got a big ol’ list of raffle winners here so hold on to your hats!

5/18 Raffle Winner:  Randy Haugland!  Randy will take home a Beamer 5 headlight from Planet Bike

5/20 Raffle Winner:  Dan Heidel gets a Planet Bike 1200 Lightset!

5/22 Raffle Winner:  Amy Karlson will be rocking a Blaze 1 Watt LED headlight from Planet Bike.

5/25 Raffle Winner:  Kate Silver-Heilman is the proud owner of a Blinky Safety Set provided by Planet Bike!

There will be another drawing today, so get signed up!

Thanks to everyone that is pre-registered for the 9 to 5, there are 10 more chances to get your name in the hat and take something home from one of our wonderful sponsors.

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so HERE for your chance to win prizes in the raffle.


May 31 Cargo Bike Jamboree


Monday, Memorial Day (May 31st), 2010 at Noon


Meet near the Pike Place Pig and ride to Lincoln Park in West Seattle, a totally flat ride! (Well, almost flat, just some very tiny short easy hills like the lower West Seattle Bridge). If you want to meet us there, we will be at shelter #3 on the south beach around 3 PM.

Look for Xtracycles, Trailers, Front Racks, Rear Racks, Panniers, Bakfiets, Porter Bikes, Messenger Bags, etc., etc.



This bicycle lift was (and possibly still is) the first of it’s kind. Opened in 1993 in Trondheim, Norway- it was put in place by the Public Roads Administration in an effort to get more people on bikes. Hey Seattle: Wondering how to get people to brave the hills? Take the hills out of the equation.

Has anybody had the opportunity to ride one of these things? Do you think it could work in the US?


Seattle Bike Polo edit

I got to see this edit at the Two-Oh-Sickness Bike Polo benefit (which was amazing.) Seattle is home to the best of the best when it comes to polo players. Still, they are the nicest of the nice as well. No attitude, friendly to newcomers, and though I am one of the worst polo players I’ve ever come across, they still encourage me to pick up a mallet and get in a game. They also know how to make party party fun time.

Polo is a sport that is not only a challenge and a ton of fun for the players, it’s a blast to watch. Seattle is working on getting better facilities soon, which are sorely needed. Support your local polo players!

Seen on Urban Velo


I may be cheap, but at least I’m sexy…

Some say that you get what you pay for. Having ridden cross country on Grey Hound multiple times, eaten $1 Chinese food in Berkeley, $2 steaks in Las Vegas, and drank lots of free coffee at truckstops, I would tend to agree. Many experiences could be summed up by saying “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

But really, how could you go wrong with a $299 “Dutch” bike? Sure, Republic Bikes are available at Urban Outfitters- but to save a cool grand? These don’t seem so bad. And you can even pick your colors…


Having never ridden a Republic- I may be falling prey to the sub $300 price tag, the look of a Dutch bike and well, that’s about it. A 40lb single speed (mine weighs 31lbs)…. might be a little much for Seattle, but I must admit it’s at least a little tempting. I mean- What’s the worst that could happen?