Almost Live! Seattle Bike culture in the 90’s.

A little relic found on the Youtube. Almost Live! was a sketch comedy show in Seattle from 1984-1999. In this clip they discuss bike lanes around Greenlake and the car vs. bike debate.

The bicyclist’s pledge:

-I will dart wildly in and out of cars only when I have a good reason, like if I’m late for a Beck concert.

-I will spend an equal amount of time frightening old people up on the sidewalk as I do frightening old people in cars.

-Once in a while, I will stop at a stop sign, just to show people that I do know what it means.

The Driver’s pledge:

-I will honor the bicyclist’s right to share the road with me, unless it looks like I’m going to miss the start of Wheel of Fortune.

-I will no longer shout “Hey you look like a gay space alien from a planet where gays don’t have a lot of fashion sense” at passing bicyclists.

-I will not use a two ton automobile to intimidate someone who is trying to be ecologically sensitive, unless he gives me one of those smug, self-righteous glares- then I’m going to have to go a little medieval on his bony ass.


  • Joshua

    May 19, 2010

    And yet it remains impossible to get around Greenlake. I tried it once for kicks, and left with enough internalized fury to melt a bridge.

  • BikeIntelligencer

    May 19, 2010

    From “Unsolved” refs it was early to mid-1997, I’m guessing spring because that’s always good bike topicals, although the bike itself looks older than that. The long head tube, upright frame angles, flat bars, no disc brakes and cheeseball Manitou suspension fork date back to mid-’90s. This clip is funnier than I remember Almost Live being, heh…

  • Kevin

    May 19, 2010

    Hey BikeIntelligencer pretty close, suggests summer of 1996.

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