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Seven Cycles- Giro tribute


Cascade Bicycle Studio, in conjunction with Seven Cycles and Lexington, MA-based Ride Studio Cafe, are pleased to offer the limited edition Seven Cycles Plan de Corones Giro d’Italia bicycle.

This bicycle pays homage to the 16th Stage of the 2010 Giro d’Italia, the individual time trial to the top of Plan de Corones.

The bike gives a nod to what may be the most difficult stage in this year’s Giro, and features specially-painted pink Campagnolo Record hubs, the entire 16th Stage route map painted on the fork legs, a nearly all-Italian parts pick, with Ambrosio Nemesis tubular wheels.

Only 21 bicycles sold will be offered between now and June 30th, 2010, and will be exclusively sold at Cascade Bicycle Studio and Ride Studio Cafe.

Stop in and say hi to Zac- he’s a super nice dude- and knows a thing or three about bikes.

Cascade Bicycle Studio
115 North 36th Street, Suite A
Seattle, WA 98103

And if you are looking for more… I got this info from the CBS newsletter:

In celebration of this limited edition bicycle project, we’ll be hosting a CBS Plan de Corones Ride and Party this Tuesday, May 25th.

The Ride will pay homage to the Giro’s Plan de Corones stage happening the same day, and will feature a gravel road climb with steep pitches. The pace will be between 18-25 mph, and we’ll ride for at least 2 hours. The ride will be difficult, but not impossible as we celebrate riding road bikes on steep gravel pitches. If this sounds good to you and your riding pals, please RSVP and join us. We’ll LEAVE from CBS this Tuesday, May 25th, at 3pm SHARP.

The Party will follow the Ride, and we’ll have a 55 cm Seven Cycles Giro bike on display, and for sale, at CBS. Regardless if you’ll join us for the ride, please come out and celebrate the day as we’ll eat some food, drink some beer, and watch a replay of the days stage. (If you see the results, keep it to yourself!) Feel free to invite friends and family, and please RSVP below. The details to The Ride and The Party are as follows:

Ride details
Date: Tuesday, May 25th
Time: LEAVING CBS (not meeting) at 3 pm SHARP!
Duration: ~40 miles
Estimated Ride Time: 2+ hours
Location: In and around Seattle
Bikes: Road bikes only! (Spare tubes recommended!)

Party details
Cascade Bicycle Studio
115 North 36th Street
Seattle, WA 98103

Time: 7pm to 9 pm



  • poor guy

    May 20, 2010

    Would love to go, but not everyone has or can afford a road bike. Thanks anyway! I thought Seattle was over bike on bike discrimination?

  • rich guy

    May 20, 2010

    It is true that not everyone can afford a road bike. It’s also true that not everyone can do 40 miles of hills and gravel roads at 18-25mph. I know it’s a bummer for you because all you have is your adult tricycle and your recumbent fixed gear. At least there is Critical Mass… 😉

  • poor guy

    May 20, 2010

    what are you talking about? What does that even mean? You think you are some sort of super cyclist. You’re just a smug little prick who doesn’t want to get beat on your two thousand dollar road bike by a bunch of guys on track bikes that are faster than you because we actually ride on a daily basis not just when there is a forty mile weekend ride. 18-25 is still do-able with out gears jackass. Bicycles and bike rides are about community and meeting new people to ride with and respect. Maybe you should figure out why you actually want to ride is it just so you have the right to be an elitist or do you care about what cycling means to others.

  • rich guy

    May 20, 2010

    That’s very true- you sounded so open and inviting to other cyclists in your first comment… I apologize- I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. We can play nice. I’ll buy you a lollipop next time I see you- ok kiddo?

  • poor guy

    May 20, 2010

    sorry these comments got so petty and off the subject, the real issue/question is why is this event road bikes only? I understand there are plenty of other events I could attend that are all inclusive and the few that aren’t are usually because they are races where certain bicycles could have an advantage, but what is it about this event that makes it road bike specific? Just asking.

  • Zac

    May 20, 2010

    Rich guy, Poor guy:

    My intent with the bike was to do something special for the Giro. It was also to have a party, with a ride, where folks could come out and hang. My ride was not meant to be exclusive, just realistic in terms of how I saw the ride going down. I agree that not everyone has a road bike, and the comment of road bikes only was more along the lines of the spirit of the Giro, not a way to exclude.

    Poor Guy: I am personally inviting you to come along on this ride, regardless of bike type. Most of my customers ride their bikes daily, too, and are some of the nicest people around.

    I hope you can make it to the ride and party on Tuesday. The 16th stage is going to be crazy!


  • eatit

    May 23, 2010

    poor guy can eat a fat one im sure hes just some dumb hipster wearing tight jeans and thinks hes the shit for doing whip skids.

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