I may be cheap, but at least I’m sexy…

Some say that you get what you pay for. Having ridden cross country on Grey Hound multiple times, eaten $1 Chinese food in Berkeley, $2 steaks in Las Vegas, and drank lots of free coffee at truckstops, I would tend to agree. Many experiences could be summed up by saying “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

But really, how could you go wrong with a $299 “Dutch” bike? Sure, Republic Bikes are available at Urban Outfitters- but to save a cool grand? These don’t seem so bad. And you can even pick your colors…


Having never ridden a Republic- I may be falling prey to the sub $300 price tag, the look of a Dutch bike and well, that’s about it. A 40lb single speed (mine weighs 31lbs)…. might be a little much for Seattle, but I must admit it’s at least a little tempting. I mean- What’s the worst that could happen?


  • Sylvie

    May 22, 2010

    I don’t know, but it seems to be bad karma to ride a ghost bike like the one the model’s on.

  • joey p

    May 24, 2010

    I’m still iffy on the cheaper the better thing. Most of us would refrain from buying from walmart bc of questionable business practices but at what point do you justify not buying the $1300 dutch made bike and justify a $300 whoknows where its made bike. surely questionable business practces come into play to get it that affordable maybe not on the part of Urban outfitter or Republik but surely the places where they are sourcing from.

  • buy american

    June 4, 2010

    or buy this…

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