Meet your maker: Capitel H.


I met with the owner of Capitel H a while ago and she expressed interest in providing a bag for the 9 to 5 Solstice Scavenger Hunt.  It was dropped off while I was in NYC and when I returned I found one very impressive bag with thoughtful details and a well though out design.  Capitel H seemed a natural fit for one of our “meet your maker” profile posts, so we got to ask a few questions.

First, you can see the bag that will be up for grabs tomorrow morning at the end of the 9 to 5.

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  • What is your name?
    • Helga Hizer
  • Company
    • Capitel H
  • How did you get into making backpacks for cycling?
    • I’ve been making and selling clothing and epic backpacks for over 10 years.  I’ve been biking for transportation for the last 7 eventually I realized that everything I made for myself had to be practical for biking.  If I can’t wear it on a bike I’m not going to wear it.  So, I’ve been making my own bike friendly clothing for a while and developed a backpack that I love and want to share with other bikers.  If you’re going to carry any weight, backpacks are the way to go if you don’t want to mess up your shoulders.
  • What construction materials do you use?
  • Cordura with waterproof lining.
  • How long have you lived in Seattle?
    • 6 Years. I moved here from Denver, and although I biked in Denver too, I didn’t really consider myself a biker. It was like I had to get serious for Seattle, I was not about to tackle these hills in my very stylish but very heavy vintage cruiser. I started educating myself more about bikes
  • What is your favorite ride in Seattle?
    • I love taking the Myrtle Edwards trail through the Locks to Ballard.  You get a little of everything; the sculpture park, a smooth trail, seaside view, industrial train yard, a convenience store half way to stop for refreshments so you can lay back in the grass and drink a beer at the Locks.
  • Favorite place for a picnic?
    • Gasworks, especially if I’ve got a tofu sandwich from Paseos and there are some interesting kites in the sky! I saw a geometric one recently that shape shifted. Sometimes it looked like a star sometimes it just looked like a cube depending on the angle.
  • Are there any group rides that you do in Seattle?

    • Critical Mass occasionally. I don’t incorporate group rides into my routine as much as I’d like.
  • Describe your bike.
    • I have two:
  1. A Bridgestone RB-1 road bike:  Her name is Lita and I’ve fallen in love with her for a second time since I recently put a whole new campy group on her.  Shifting can be such a luxury, especially when you can shift 4 gears at once going up hill like it’s nothing.  RB-1s are legendary, designed under Grant Petersen who later started Rivendell Bicycle Works.  In fact they appear to have a cult following, bike nerds will wait outside the grocery store to ask me about it when I come out.  It’s fast, not too heavy for a steel frame and strong with triple butted Chrome Moly tubing.  It’s a great vintage frame, with the new group it’s amazing and about half the weight! I’d say it’s most notable physical characteristic is that it’s got one green wheel, because when I started rebuilding it I had no idea how deep the campy hole goes. I didn’t realize I needed a campy hub, so by that time I just went out and bought a built wheel and now only my front wheel is green. I’m on the lookout for a new wheel set because I don’t like the mismatch.
  2. F. Moser track bike: The frame was built for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta:  I built this bike up for my birthday last summer.  With a chrome fork, chrome handlebars, Phil Wood hubs and beautiful Cook Brothers crank, it’s definitely my bling.  I was curious about geometry and how it affects the ride.  So, I decided to get something aggressive and it’s fun, it’s incredibly responsive. It makes my RB-1 feel like a beach cruiser! (but don’t tell her I said that)   Niki helped me build it. You can actually check it out here. I’ve swapped out some of the components since but most importantly, now it looks ridden. I’ve added some very tasteful scuffs and scratches. It’s the first bike I’ve built up from just the frame, so I think it’ll always have a special place in my heart for that reason.
  3. Well, don’t have it yet but I want to get a touring frame!







  • How does one order a backpack from you?

    • Email me., I’m working on a website, I’ll let you know when it’s up.


  • What’s a bag going to cost me?

    • $250 with artwork, $200 without artwork.
  • Do you have any plans to expand into other projects?

    • As far as bikecentric projects go, I make frame pads too and I’d like to do women’s clothing eventually. I also love drawing so it would be great to team up with a silk screening pro some day and incorporate that into the clothing, not only one image on a dress but full print patterns on the fabric.
  • What is your spirit animal?

    • Squirrel

A super big thanks to Helga at Capitel H.  We’ll be looking forward to more from her, and if you are looking for a solid bag at a good price, get in touch with her!



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