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9 to 5 tomorrow!!!

Last day to pre register for the 9 to 5. We may get sprinkled on, so be prepared!

Some great sponsors came through. We are really excited for this!


Blümchen Bicycle Race

This is one of the weirdest videos I have seen in a while. It’s pretty bad, and now when I close my eyes I see glow sticks. So Euro.

Though the song is the same, this video is more fun to watch:

GO MEANS GO events

Important 9 to 5 information!

You still have time to register for the 9 to 5- and we hope you do, because it’s looking like we are going to have a bunch of folks coming out to take part in what will be our second year- much better than last year, and full of surprises.


You can still register the day of the scavenger hunt, but you will miss out on the opportunity to get some good raffle prizes.  Pre registering will also ensure that we’ll have enough goodies and coffee for everyone.  Believe it or not, it’s hard to get things done after 9pm on a Saturday night if we have to get more supplies..

Here is a little inside information for those that will be taking part.

I’ve had some emails from folks wonderingwhat to do next, and how we’ll know who’s registered. Relax, we got it.

Each person that has pre registered will have a spoke card number and info that goes with their name.  Bring your ID, and we’ll take care of it.  If you won a raffle prize, you can pick it up at the start.

Also, for the scavenger hunt, there are a few things that you should have with you:

  • Helmets.  It’s the prudent thing to do.  And you want to be prudent don’t you?
  • A bag, basket, or some way to carry items.  This is a scavenger hunt, and you will need to carry some items to the finish (at least one per team)
  • A pen or pencil.  For writing down important information
  • A digital camera.  It can be on your phone or a dedicated camera, but you will take a couple pics and we’ll need to see them.  (we must be able to tell what the photo is of)
  • Lights.  If you didn’t win lights in the raffle, get visible.  Put some lights on that sexy beast of yours.
  • A positive attitude.

We’ll see all your lovely shining faces next Saturday- it’s going to be a good time for sure.

If you don’t plan on taking part in the 9 to 5 but would like to help out- we are looking for help with the following:

  • Photography.  Shots of the group before the start, during the hunt, and at the finish would be fantastic.
  • Help with registering people.  There is going to be a bunch of people there so in an effort to get things running smoothly, somebody helping with registration would be fantastic
  • Counting points.  The teams will be responsible for counting their own points, but the top teams will have their numbers double checked.  If you’d like to help with this, please let us know.

Thanks again to all that have helped out so far, to all the sponsors, and to all that have pre registered.  See you soon!

Events, Film/video

BFF is 10 in NYC this year!

I’ll be leaving tomorrow (Friday) for NYC- the week before the films start. I’ll be missing them because I want to be back for the 9 to 5 Scavenger Hunt! The BFF will be coming to Seattle as well, so don’t you fret… I’ll see you on the 19th at the 9 to 5, and we’ll see you this August at the BFF in Seattle!


Get well soon NKO!

From the Stranger Blog:

Posted by Dave Segal on Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 3:07 PM

Joe “Scratchmaster Joe” Martinez informs us that his fellow Seattle graffiti/visual artist and business partner Nko Reynolds (a co-founder of the Free Sheep Society and a member of experimental-theater company Implied Violence, which won a Stranger Genius Award in 2008) was injured in a bicycling accident yesterday. Nko is in “serious but stable condition” at Harborview Hospital. Martinez’s missive is below.

UPDATE: Martinez says that Nko is responding to verbal commands and recognized his mother, wife, and him, who visited Nko at the hospital.

Nko suffered a significant head injury, as he was not wearing a helmet. This injury required [him to] undergo brain surgery. The surgery was successful in stopping the epidural hemorrhage that was putting his life at risk.The extent of his injuries is unclear; however, he has the use of all his limbs. Unfortunately, he has yet to respond to verbal commands. Upon admittance to the hospital he was able to recite his name and instruct medics to contact his wife Anna, so this shows some promise.

The staff will try to extubate him soon, and then we’ll know more of his motor function and cognitive abilities.

If you attended ART VELO, then you saw some of NKO’s work. A very talented artist indeed, and always working towards positive goals within the Seattle art community. We hope he pulls through alright and our thoughts go out to his wife and family right now.

I’m not exactly sure how the accident happened, does anybody else have info?