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Tour de Watertower Results

July 24th 2010, 30 brave souls, some of whom raced last year, some who were new- came to test their legs and try their luck at what is a difficult race indeed.  By one rider’s GPS, it consists of 3000 feet of elevation gain over the 44 mile course.  This was the second annual Tour de Watertower, longer than last year, and with much hotter weather (last year it rained and hailed.)  After working through the paperwork, we’ve got some results.


The top riders came in with great times

1st place:  Mens: 2 hours 27 minutes, 34 seconds:  Evan “DJ Stroky”:

2nd place Mens: 2 hours 39 minutes, 48 seconds: Charlie O.

3rd place Mens: 2 hours 43 minutes, 24 seconds: Max S.

1st place Womens: 3 hours 27 minutes:  Jessica W.

DFL (also 1st fendered bike): 4 hours 36 minutes:  Professor Dave

Times are listed below.


Thanks to Zac at Cascade Bicycle Studio for hosting the event at his shop, where we screened the Tour de France before and after the race as well as the prizes that he donated.  A “Job well done” to all that attempted, and especially those who completed this difficult course.  We hope to see you back next year!  Also a big thank you to the volunteers that were at the checkpoints, keeping track of times and riders.


  • Tyler Johnson

    July 25, 2010

    You put my time in the wrong spot on that final results thing. I finished at 3hr 1 minute. DOUBLE CHECK YO! hahah just giving you a hard time. Thanks for hosting it. It was fun.

  • rschuetze

    July 26, 2010

    @Tyler- The auto-sort on Excel apparently didn’t work right. I probably should have just left it alone- times should be accurate, which is what is more important. Thanks for coming out- hope to see you for the Tour de Watertower Trois. Glad to see the new Sizemore Bicycle on the road too.

  • rschuetze

    July 26, 2010

    Who was riding fixed in this race? I know Trevor H was, Andrew S, Tyler J, Felix N… anybody else?

  • Kenshi

    July 26, 2010

    Will O. was too…

  • Zach

    July 26, 2010

    And me, but I was a DNF because work called me in early… damn responsibilities.

  • Flx

    July 27, 2010

    Was a fun race, next year I try for real. Don’t count bikes different, who can’t ceep up on a track bike should not ride one

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