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Emerald Sprints Results

Yesterday, the roving beer fueled circus that is known as Tour de Fat rolled through Seattle for it’s third year, bringing joy and libations to the masses at Gasworks Park. After kicking everyone out, Brouwer’s became the spot to be for the after party and Emerald Sprints, brought to you by New Belgium Brewing.

The winner of the evening rode away with a brand new New Belgium/Felt beach cruiser- so people were pumped up to put in a good time.

The qualifying round had some good times to show- and then we followed it with another round, to bring the men’s bracket down to four people.


Patrick M. raced against Sally in round two, and his foot popped out about 3/4 of the way in to the race.  Generally we don’t start races over if they are over half way- but Sally, the gentleman that he is, bowed out of the race, and gave Patrick his slot in the semi-finals.


It came down to the final four in men’s and women’s categories and then a single elimination round brought our final round to a head.  With the prizes as good as they were, we decided to double the distance and really make the racers earn their winnings.  1000 meters.  Ouch.  They took it in stride, and the women’s winner- Mary M, rode home with a New Belgium jersey stuffed with over $75 in cash.  The men’s winner- Patrick M, has now added a brand new beach cruiser to his stable.  (This is the second bicycle that Patrick has won at an Emerald Sprints event)

There were also some grudges to settle…

  • Raleigh’s Sally (18.07) vs. Baron’s Geoff (18.84)
  • Stefano (45.04) vs. Iggy (55.32) – this race was 1000m, because these guys are so bad ass.
  • Nexus (24.14) vs. Longhaired Mike (26.02)
  • Bryan D. (23.58) vs. Trevor H. (25.48) – our only beer sprint of the night…
  • Benny B. (21.81) vs. Tommy (21.98)
  • Erik E. (21.30) vs. Eli W. (22.73)

Thanks to the sponsor of the event, New Belgium, to Brouwer’s for hosting and as always, to Wright Brothers for maintaining the Emerald Sprints bikes. Stay tuned for more Emerald Sprints events by following @gomeansgo on Twitter, friending us on Facebook, checking the Seattle Bike Events calendar,  and of course, reading the Go Means Go blog.



  • Benny Blanco

    August 1, 2010

    Thanks dude! a blast as always!

  • Tyler M.

    August 1, 2010

    The after party was a blast. Thank you for hosting it. Maybe I’ll come and race again one of these days.

  • Charles Hadrann

    August 4, 2010


    Highly entertaining!! You do a great job running these indoor spins. I think it’s damn cool to see bikes in a bar.
    Glad to be of help keeping the bikes rolling.

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