Ditch the Van- musicians touring by bike

Bands go on tour all the time.  Usually playing gigs whenever they can- the road going by at a mile a minute- often the most memorable part of the drive from city to city is some odd cafe that had good bisquits and gravy or a truckstop that sells Michael Jackson decorated “tobacco grinders.”

Ben Sollee is doing it a little different.  The tour is titled “Ditch the Van” and it is a self-supported music tour by bicycle.  According to Ben, the tour aims to “re-humanize the pace of the road and hopefully find us more involved in the communities we’re traveling through.”  He describes the tour route so far by saying “I’m riding with my cello and gear and the percussionist, Jordon Ellis, is hauling his full kit behind him. We started in San Diego on August 17th and, using some trains here and there, have made it out to Pennsylvania where we’ll complete a big loop through to DC. Then we head back to my homestate, Kentucky.  We have a videographer traveling with us and he has been producing two videos a week while on the road and we’ve been keeping a blog as much as possible.”

They’ve experienced more than just the white line blurring as they drive all night.  It’s the smell of the grass, the ocean, the strong headwinds on the coast of California, the ice cream shops in small towns, and the occasional aggressive driver…

According to Ben Sollee their blog is : “A journal of our music tours by bike. Here we document the places, people, communities and stories from our saddles and the stage.”

Check out their blog for photos and video updates…

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