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Pedal Driven: A bike-umentary

My family lived in Oakridge, OR when I was born. My first memory of riding a bike is when we lived there- riding up a hill with my dad and wanting to get off and walk.  He just kept telling me “10 more feet, you’re almost there- don’t give up….”  My dad was a millworker, and then the mill shut down. What used to be a logging town, is now a mecca for mountain biking- and IMBA is working on shaping Oakridge into one of it’s first “Ride Centers.”  It’s been many years since I’ve returned to Oakridge, but this movie makes me want to return.

Pedal Driven documents the efforts behind building trails, with a focus on the Northwest.  It has riding from in and around Seattle, not by big name pro riders, but by the people that are doing what they can to grow mountain biking as a sport and to increase trail building on public lands.  Release date set for sometime in 2010.

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