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This Wednesday in Seattle

Come by Elliott Bay Bicycles this Wednesday for a little holiday beer cheer.  Bike Hugger will be hosting their 2nd annual holiday party and it’s free to the public.  Check out the Davidson shop with tours being given by Mark V.  There will be snacks, a keg of Manny’s, and other activities to keep you occupied.

Byron asked me to put together some games for the shindig.  I’m not exactly sure what’s in store yet, but I guarantee it will be better than changing a flat in the rain.  Best of all- it’s free.  This holiday party, much like Go Means Go events, is open to all- racer, commuter, and weekend warrior.  Hop on your bike and come on down!

Elliot Bay Bicycles is located in downtown Seattle at 2116 Western Ave. just north of Lenora.

Here’s a link to the Facebook event

Karl from Partybots drew up this great poster for the event.

If you have a Go Means Go shirt on, come find me and receive a raffle ticket.  Drawing later this week for some new goodies.


Griffin and Woolrich

The new softshell from Griffin. They worked with Woolrich to put together a well thought out garment bringing two companies across the pond from each other. Italian made and limited to a run of 50 in each color.  Not cycling specific per se, but it seems as though it would adapt quite well.  It also has camouflage piping, so you can’t go wrong.

Check out Griffin HERE


“BIKE” is a four letter word.

I guess some days there isn’t much else to report on in San Antonio…. Honestly I’m a little more offended by his costume than the bike.


Abominable snow bike

Winter came early in Seattle, and shut it down, much like the storm dubbed “Snowpocalypse ’08.” It will likely be rained away soon, but for now, the steep streets are closed and there are cars still littering the roads, abandoned, or acting as bumpers for 2 ton pinballs called SUV’s piloted by over confident and under experienced drivers.  Despite what some people might tell you- the clothes do not make the man, and the car does not make the driver.

I first built up my snow bike back then, using tires I had from my winter bike in Alaska, and my old 1979 Schwinn Typhoon.  A ton of fun, when traffic came to a grinding halt, I hop on this thing, and it takes me anywhere.  We were riding down Denny in 2008, when people were scared to walk down it.  Nokian 296 tires (that means 296 studs PER tire) provide the grip- a coaster brake doesn’t ice up, and other than the fact that the bike weighs about 50lbs dry, it’s perfect for the snow.  Uphill can be a little slow, but for cruising around the neighborhood- it’s super legit.

Probably my favorite part is riding by at 15mph or so or downhill even better, watching people look at me in horror- thinking I’m some crazed madman riding around on a jalopy beach cruiser.  Though I may be a little mad, they don’t know about my secret weapon…

What are you using to keep the rubber side down?

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Riding North

Extreme bike touring.

Riding North Teaser from the Mitchell Brothers on Vimeo.

Experienced bike tourist Steve Langston and a film crew embark on a one-month journey from Whitehorse, Yukon to Yellowknife Northwest Territories. Along the way they encounter bike problems, wildlife, extreme weather conditions and giant flies that take huge bleeding chunks from their flesh. With hundreds of kilometers between services, food and water become scarce and road conditions deteriorate. They are left with no other choice but to put their heads down and grind it out inch by inch to Yellowknife.

Produced by: Steve Langston
Directed by: Chris & Ryan Mitchell


Death Race!

Holy smokes. I’ve fancied the idea of planning a Death Race, but this is so far beyond what I was thinking- it blows my mind.

The other Death Race:


No helmet is the new helmet

Looking at these pictures does your inner yellow jacket scream “Look at those idiots without helmets.  They are such bad cyclists”

What you don’t see is the work that Stockholm based industrial design duo Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt have put into a providing an option for those that don’t want to be hindered by helmets.  Notice the collar that each model has on, though a little bulky, when you speak the words “GO GO GADGET HELMET” this happens:

Wow.  Instant helmet.  Inflated by a helium tank and activated by “abnormal motion sensors” they would apparently cost around $50 per use.  6 years of development because they saw how common it is for people in Sweden (where helmets are the law) to skip the helmet because they don’t like the way they look or feel.  Could this work?  I don’t see ANSI approving them anytime soon, but the concept is interesting.  It might look a little funny in the summer time?

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2011 West Coast Uninvitational

The West Side Invite took place in Portland for the last time in 2010.  10 years of shenanigans, the original organizers decided to put it to an end- and for whatever reason, didn’t want the name to continue on.  So being crafty as they are- Vancouver BC, who were eager to host the WSI after it came to Seattle in 2009 (the only other city to host the WSI) is in the planning stages of the WEST COAST UNINVITATIONAL.  It will take place Memorial Day weekend, May 27-30, 2011 in Vancouver BC.

The folks up in Vancouver have a lot of creativity and passion for bikes, as well as being adept at walking the razors edge of good times vs. total shit show.  I always enjoy myself when visiting and have met some stellar people there. Hopefully they’ll have something going at Burnaby (it has an inflatable ceiling!)

A few things to remember:

  • Get your passport (or enhanced ID)
  • stop at Duty Free to buy liquor on your way north (Canada booze prices are stupid expensive)
  • Bring your bike
  • Don’t bring handguns
  • Make sure that you can cross the border- if you have had trouble with the law in the past, they may not let you in…
  • Don’t forget your passport- it is another country…

Check out the Facebook page

And the blog