No helmet is the new helmet

Looking at these pictures does your inner yellow jacket scream “Look at those idiots without helmets.  They are such bad cyclists”

What you don’t see is the work that Stockholm based industrial design duo Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt have put into a providing an option for those that don’t want to be hindered by helmets.  Notice the collar that each model has on, though a little bulky, when you speak the words “GO GO GADGET HELMET” this happens:

Wow.  Instant helmet.  Inflated by a helium tank and activated by “abnormal motion sensors” they would apparently cost around $50 per use.  6 years of development because they saw how common it is for people in Sweden (where helmets are the law) to skip the helmet because they don’t like the way they look or feel.  Could this work?  I don’t see ANSI approving them anytime soon, but the concept is interesting.  It might look a little funny in the summer time?

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