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Raleigh framesets…

Raleigh added a list of framesets to their website which means some of them will be available through your local bike shop.

Limited edition SSCXWC Carbon frameset (frames available through SSCXWC)
2009 Rainier SSCX frameset (no longer in production)
2010 High Life SSCX frameset (no longer in production)
2010 SSCXWC- Alloy frameset (unsure of production)
2011 Hodala Carbon SSCX (Team Frame)
2011 Macaframa frameset (limited edition)
2011 International frameset
  • The Carbon SSCXWC bike is a very limited run of framesets that Raleigh puts out to help support the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships that I helped put together in Seattle for 2010.  I’ll be riding one of these frames this year with a belt-drive and I’m pretty excited about it.  Only 40 of them were made, and they are selling for $1200.  Before you get sticker shock- notice the ENVE fork on there that retails for over $600.  Also know that if wait until this bike becomes a production bike, the price is likely to go up to $1500+ for the frameset.  If you are on the fence about getting one of these frames, then it’s time to make up your mind…  Get yours HERE.  Not only do you get an amazingly light, belt drive-compatible, limited edition frame- you are helping make SSCXWC happen, and that’s pretty cool.
  • The Rainier and High Life bikes were also limited editions, no longer available.  You see quite a few on cross courses in the Pacific Northwest, especially under the Hodala Team riders.
  • I’m not too sure about the White frame that has the SSCXWC colors.  It’s an aluminum frame, presumably taking the place of the Rainier and High Life framesets.
  • The Team Hodala SSCX Carbon bikes use the same frameset as the SSCXWC bikes, but with a different paint scheme specifically for the Hodala Team.  If there ever were a squad of beer-guzzling hillbillies that were as good at riding bikes as they are at heckling, the Hodala squad is likely it.
  • The Macaframa frame is one that has had some buzz since a few photos got out at Interbike in 2010.  The Raleigh x Macaframa “collab” is now available through your LBS.
  • The Raleigh International is a beautiful bike.  If the full Dura-Ace equipped complete bike selling at $7000 is too rich for your blood, you can purchase this beautiful chrome lugged steel frame and put a more classic looking build on it.

The folks at Raleigh are doing well in reestablishing themselves as serious players in the bike industry and have been gaining respect in the street by offering bikes that look good and are built for urban riding.  Raleigh’s support of single speed cyclocross is unsurpassed by any other company, and they are making a name for themselves in the 29-er single speed mountain bike realm as well.  Raleigh has a strong history, and after a little lull, it looks like they’ve come out swinging- and watch out, because they’ve got a killer right hook.*

*I apologize for the boxing reference.  I was trying to think of a good analogy in a limited amount of time.  So there you go.


  • b.roy

    January 26, 2011

    rainier-style Raleigh. yesyesyesyesyes. i once wrote a missed connection for one i saw in fremont. great success.

  • bubble

    January 26, 2011

    dude that road frame is lookin fresh

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