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Carnage in Brazil (graphic)

Unbelievable.  This happened in Porto Alegre, Brazil on Friday.  During their Critical Mass ride of about 150 people, a black VW plows through at high speed injuring at least 20 and sending 8 to the emergency room.  No word on the driver.  Hopefully this sparks people to political action for safe streets as opposed to violence- but damn, I hope that driver gets their just desserts…

Also just saw more posted at Bikejuju– with better video (below) and a follow up:

Taken from Bikejuju:

The local news site Zero Hour says police have identified the driver and are waiting for him to turn himself in voluntarily (apparently as of yesterday he is not at his home address). It also have video of the accident from a different perspective, shot from high above out an apartment window.

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  • greghxc

    February 27, 2011

    This is awful. Hard to watch w/o getting emotional. I think is beyond any rational call for bicycle safety, going much deeper into the land of the unconscionable antisocial behavior of the person at fault. If this does anything for Brazil (or internationally) on the political level, hopefully it is to strengthen the consequences of using a car as a weapon against cyclists/pedestrian, and build awareness amongst those in the saddle or behind the wheel as to how unprotected we all are when we ride, and remind us (or at least those that see it as I do see) of our responsibility to those in a more vulnerable position than ourselves.

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