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Mad Fiber

I met with Ric Hjertberg a while back and he gave me a tour of the Mad Fiber construction facilities.  His passion for wheels is incredible and the man has tremendous knowledge on the subject of wheel building.  I wanted to include Mad Fiber in the “Meet your Maker” series because they are in Seattle, doing something that is pretty amazing.  Before I could get something together- Road Bike Review made it happen.  I’ll just be thankful that somebody is getting the word out on Mad Fiber- because I hope they really do well.  They are building a wheel that redefines the independent pieces (i.e. spokes, nipples, rims, hubs) combining them into a seamless work to distribute stress and torque.

I saw a couple sets of these in the 2010 cross season, and would love to test a pair on the new single speed cross bike that I’m building up for 2011 (not just any cross bike, THIS CROSS BIKE).  The fact that these wheels have no rider weight limit is impressive.  I am not a small (or extremely light) person- and to be able to run a light wheelset would be amazing.  The price tag of $2600 a set may seem a bit high for some, but man oh man…. they seem like a game changer for sure.

Expect to see more from Mad Fiber- including a clincher version.

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Shiny new Chrome

Last year Chrome expanded their already impressive array of bags into the shoe market (which I’ve been wearing and loving for a while now)  2011 is shaping up to be another year of new products and let me tell you- they look good.  Here’s a couple of my favorites:

The Sherman:  Built as a race bag- this backpack can haul about anything that you want to put in it, even fitting a wheelset quite nicely. $190 Retail.

The Bishop Wallet.  I like how this wallet zips up.  It may be a little thicker profile than comfortable, it’s hard to tell from the photo, but you at least know that nothing will fall out.  Retail is $35.

You have likely heard that the Kursk Pro is now available as well.  They retail for $95.

Chrome Kursk Pro from Chrome Bags on Vimeo.

Good job Chrome, keep up the good work, and thanks for keeping the cost low for us working class cyclists.  I’ve never owned a Chrome Bag- but have been impressed with fact that the quality has stayed high and they seem to be built for the street, not the classroom.  I’ve had a pair of the Chrome Arnhem shoes for a while now, and they’ve been holding up quite well.  In fact- those shoes are the only Chrome product I’ve used…

Check out more of what Chrome has to offer at their STORE.

PS- it looks like their Tobruk slip on is now available in white- for those that like white shoes…

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Bicycle Film Festival: PDX and beyond.

If you missed the BFF in Seattle for whatever reason- then get down to Portland to see some amazing films about- what else? Bikes.  There will be six programs screening February 25 & 26 including:

The Birth of Big Air:

and Riding the Long White Cloud:

Buy your tickets HERE for BFF PORTLAND


The BFF would love to include at least one excellent short film from every major city in the 2011 Bicycle Film Festival.  You can help by getting the word out.  Share this trailer with everyone you know- get it on Facebook, repost on your blog, email it to friends…  Cyclists, film makers and artists- butchers, bakers and candlestick makers… Note that the deadline is coming up in the next few months (April.)  There is no fee to submit a film.  If you are an aspiring film maker and would like to have your film seen across the globe- become BFF’s with the BFF.  More info on submitting a film to the Bicycle Film Festival can be found HERE.

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Don’t be a stick in the mud- or leg…

Track racing is amazing to watch- racers ride within inches of each other often using shoulders and handlebars to check other riders as they look for an opportunity to jump out in front for the win.  This close-quarters riding sometimes makes for spectacular crashes- like the one at the UCI Track World Cup that just took place in Manchester.

At 2:34 you see a crash as Scot Chris Hoy pulls in front to take the win in the men’s keirin race.

What you don’t see on the video is Malaysian Azizulhasni Awang (the other racer in white) and his crossing the finish line with a 7-inch splinter going THROUGH his leg.  He remounted his bike and brought home a bronze in the men’s keirin.  Wow.

Congratulations to Chris Hoy on the win and big-ups to Azizulhasni Awang for digging deep and bringing it home.

You can read more about the crash at VeloNews


Nothing to do with bicycles.

And everything to do with dancing.  Sometimes life is hard.  It’s not always a walk in the park and your parade can occasionally be rained on.  People that look adversity in the eye and say “You know what Old Man Winter, you can freeze over my lake- but I’m still going to don my dancing shorts and shake my groove thing.”

This man should serve as an inspiration to all those that need a pick me up.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Be strong, and may Spike be with you always.