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Oops, we did it again…

Who was it that said that if you do it every night it’s not a party?  It doesn’t matter really- I probably wouldn’t like them anyway.  They obviously aren’t trying hard enough.

The Seattle Bicycle Expo has come and gone another year and along with it- the Go Means Go Pedal Party.  This was the second year for Pedal Party and came off as a success in it’s energy, attendance and overall alcohol consumption.  Last year you may remember we hosted the party with Baron Bicycles.  A great time was had at Nine Million in Unmarked Bills- but the bars in the Fremont neighborhood are anything but fun on a weekend night so we decided to change things up a bit.

Learning from our mistakes- this year we had a venue that was closer to downtown and also separated from the shit show that the weekends bring to urban Seattle.  The Grotto at the Rendezvous in Belltown is a nice little hole in the wall (hole in the ground really) that many folks have no idea is there.  A smallish space- its plenty cozy without feeling cramped- because you can fill it with 100 of your closest friends and family.

The flier for Pedal Party- a work of art by Shogo Ota- had the party starting at 5.  The idea was to grab people as they were leaving the Expo, and give them a place to come have a bite to eat and a drink.  Well, there are very few of us that can start drinking at 5pm and continue until the bar closes- it’s an art really…  Robert the kitten wrangler brought a few folks with him after the Expo closed- including the Bike Snob himself.  I always thought he’d be taller…

Anyway- back to the 5pm party- it was slow starting- and the house video wasn’t working- throwing out our big plan to show some bike movies to keep people occupied.  The tables around the room made for great spots for folks to talk over expo findings and look over the Urban Velo magazines that the good folks at UV sent out.  It was great to meet Russ and Laura- who’s adventures are blogged about on The Path Less Pedaled.  It was also fantastic to meet readers of the GMG blog and to talk with folks that are curious about the events that GMG does.  The readers of GMG is really why we do this whole thing- and it’s always great to hear people’s thoughts on the blog.

DJ Cuddlebunny showed up at 8 with DJ Ryan… perfect timing.  They began a long night of booty shaking beats that kept the dance floor going until they kicked us out.  These men rolled with the punches, playing music that inspired folks to drop their ass down low and do the limbo.  Literally.  We had a limbo contest.  All but two folks got bumped out- and we had to settle the duel as civilized adults- with Rock-paper-scissors for all the apples.  A dance contest declared the winner of a beautiful wool Raleigh jersey.

Thanks to our swag sponsors- that provided us with some goodies to give to the crowd.  Dutch Bike Seattle, Wright Brothers Cycleworks, Raleigh Bicycles and Nuun– all great companies that support Go Means Go.

At Go Means Go we  like bikes, and we like to party.  You can be certain that next year we’ll be out once again, pedaling and partying like it will save your soul.  A big thanks to everyone that came out, and we look forward to seeing you this summer on the road!

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Win Filmed By Bike Festival Passes!

Want to win 2 free passes to Filmed By Bike in Portland?  Of course you do.  April 15-17 is right around the corner and we have a couple passes to give away!

Go Means Go has been helping Filmed By Bike get the word out in Seattle.  Why?  Because Filmed by Bike is awesome.  There will be 40 films this year in four programs this year- including a full length in addition to the collection of shorts.  Professor Dave will have another film from Seattle in there as well!  The New Belgium Street Party is a hoot.  Beer flowing, music and dancing.  It’s a very Portland experience. All that, and there are ALWAYS some bicycle shenanigans to get involved in when in Portland.

Here’s how it’s going to go:

Visit the following shops (print out the handy cue card) and make a note of which of the three FBB posters are up.  There are three different posters out and about in Seattle.  The first person that identifies the most (or all) correctly- will win two festival passes to Filmed By Bike.

The contest ends this Friday, March 25th at 6pm (that’s Pacific Time, of course) Email the answers to

Also- if you have any recommendations on where to put up some more of these beautiful posters- email me.

If you don’t win the passes- you can still buy yours HERE

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Tweed is the new- well, uh…. Tweed?

Tweed rides.  Is it surprising that they have become popular as they have?  Seattle will be having a tweed ride again this year- in a warmer time of year (June 5th) but for a good cause.  It will be to recognize 100 years of Seward Park.  That’s pretty great- don’t you think?

Artwork copyright Mark Markovich

Seen at Bike Portland (shocking, right?)

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It ain’t over till it’s over…


Some places experience it longer than others.  Some places don’t seem to experience it at all.  I lived in the sleepy little fishing village of Cordova, Alaska for eight years.  Cordova became my home and will always have a special place in my heart.  What’s it like to live in Cordova?  Well, I lived in a very nice two story igloo- we didn’t have much of a polar bear problem because we trained eagles to protect our village.  I had a high-end dog sled with some wicked Husky-Chihuahua sled dogs that made the two day trip to the post office feel like it was only a day and a half.  Side note- just saw this on the Facebook:

So a baby seal walks into a bar and the bartender asks “What’ll you have?”

“Anything but the Canadian Club”

But I digress.

While commercial fishing from spring until fall- life seemed to blend into single work day- lasting for 8 months.  Not able to ride very often in the summer- winter was full of lots of activities outside.  Winter in Cordova can come on early- sometimes lasting from October until April.  The sun sets earlier in the winter- which also makes things difficult.  After spring equinox- the snow is still on the ground, the days are getting longer and you can get some amazing clear and cold days with blue skies that make you think you’ve died and gone to heaven (or at least to Alaska.)

I had my single speed mountain bike at the time and went on a few adventures in the snow- riding over frozen muskeg, rivers, lakes and ponds.  Cordova has a maritime climate- which means it’s warmer than the interior.  Occasionally while riding along over a frozen crust of snow- I would find a sink hole.  The front wheel would plunge into the snow up to the axle or even higher and I would either rack myself or get sent sailing over the bars to eat a face full of sno-cone (hopefully not the yellow flavor.)  I would ride alone in the woods for hours- in areas that were difficult to get around in the summer- with an ice beard and a smile from ear to ear.  Ahhhh.  That was the life.

Andrew sent this over- and it shot me back into thinking about it again.  This was shot in Kodiak- another beautiful part of the state.  These bikes are far better equipped than mine was for snowbiking.  One thing in particular to know about biking in deep snow is the fact that rim brakes don’t work so well with an ice glaze over the top of them…

Alaskan Winter Day and Night from Philip Tschersich on Vimeo.

It also got me thinking about riding bikes on Sheridan Lake.  A glacial lake- when the conditions were right you would find a bunch of folks out there ice skating.  It was pretty incredible- you can skate up icebergs that are frozen into the ice.  To this day it’s the only place I’ve ice skated uphill.  I would love, love, LOVE to shoot a video out there of people riding bmx out there with studded tires.  Though… people have been known to fall in because, well- icebergs move.

Thanks for the heads up Andrew.

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Grow Forth.

Alleycat Acres is a Seattle collective that aims to reconnect people with their food.  They did a benefit ride last weekend which raised over $15,000 for the cause.  A wonderful recap can be read on the Seattle Bike Blog.  Julia Stonefelt has the wonderful print available to benefit the project as well.


  • Printed individually using a Cannon Pro 9000 printer using ChromaLife pigment inks on Epson 80# matte presentation paper.
  • Finished size is 8.5 in.X 11 in. (framing not included).
  • Each print is numbered and signed.
  • $20 USD and it’s yours.

Buy it Here

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Velo City board game

Though I think it’s ok to have a lack in bicycle board games (we should be out riding after all) this looks pretty great.  Though if it were a real messenger based game, I think beers may be consumed instead of “vitamin drinks”



A tactical dice game. Each player manages a team of bicycle messengers and tries to get as many of his own riders as possible to the goal.

When rolling a die to move one of your messengers you can land on three different types of fields on the board:
– most fields have no special effect
– some give an energy boost (a vitamin drink)
– some are obstacles which require you to use a vitamin drink, or slow you down.

Vitamin drinks can be played for other benefits in the game.

Instead of selecting a single messenger, one can also roll multiple dice for an entire group of riders. This allows a player to choose the most beneficial result, but in turn means that opponents’ riders will also move.

The game ends as soon as all 3 messengers on a team reach the goal or eight total messengers have reached the goal. The team that has the most messengers at the goal wins. In the case of a tie, the player whose messenger crossed last wins. This is important, since during the end phase players may hold back messengers to avoid reaching the goal too soon.

Available from HERE