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DIY Wednesday: Campagnolo-ish.

I will be receiving one of these beauties below shortly- and I’m very excited about it.  A 15mm box end paired with a campy fork end with a little filing to transform it into a bottle opener… Nice.  Courtesy of Hotte, Charles and Devin at Wright Bros.  Lucky me!

Similarly- Remember when this started going around?  Still not too sure on the origin- but this image is from here

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This Thursday in NYC

If I was in NYC- you damn well bet that I wouldn’t miss this.  It’s like the meeting of amazing all at the Bushwick Country Club.  And though there is a really funky smell at the Bushwick Country Club- they are open till 4am- have cheap drinks, and mini golf in the back.  And it’s all for Monster Track.  Booyah.


Up for review: Chrome Bags

The good folks at Chrome sent up some things for us to review and boy oh boy are we looking forward to it.  In addition to a backpack and a laptop one-strap bag- Melissa will give us a woman’s perspective on the Chrome Marysia windbreaker.  Initial thoughts are great- the bags have that “new bag smell” and the windbreaker- made in Oakland, CA- looks to be well made and light enough to be perfect for this spring.  Stay tuned for the reviews as we get them written up.  Here is what you can expect to read about in the upcoming weeks:

The new Buran laptop bag:

The Marysia Windbreaker for women:

And the Falcon medium sized backpack:

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Raleigh Macaframa Commercial

The Macaframa movie came out in 2009 after many delays and the release of a number of well done teasers.  The delay was so long that many (including me) wondered if a movie was ever going to be released.  Well it was, and though it was definitely more trick based and hill bombing oriented than MASH– Macaframa has become one of the better known films (and crews) shooting fixed riding in the city.  The soundtrack is awesome and it’s a fun movie to watch to be sure.

In fixed gear culture- collaborations are king- and Macaframa got hooked up with the good people at Raleigh to get their very own frameset which was released at Interbike last September.  Macaframa shot a commercial- which, like most of what they do- is well done.  It looks gritty and feels like it was made for the street.  The rider’s tire on the other hand, looks like it’s seen better days- and may not have many skids left in it…

Macaframa 2011 Raleigh Track Frame from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

As for the frame itself- the geometry is the same as the ever popular Raleigh Rush Hour Pro.  There are a few differences in tubing shape- mainly in the aero seat post and in the downtube.  There are no threaded screws in the dropouts to adjust wheel tension, and instead of the red on white- they got all San Francisco treat on it- having Mike Giant design the graphics.  Frame, fork and headset should retail for $800 and is available from your LBS.  Check out the Raleigh frameset page for more goodies.  If you ever spent even a little time in San Francisco- you probably have a soft spot for this bike.  I know I do.  Congrats to Raleigh and Macaframa- glad to see this come together.

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Lords of the Chain Ring: NSFC

*Not safe for cars

Sometimes it’s good to have friends that are willing to don their armor- grab their swords- hop on the tall bikes and head out to defend your honor. And sometimes there is just nothing good on TV. Happy Friday:

Thanks to Jason and Martina- our friends at Swift Industries for the heads up.