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This weekend in Seattle: The Resurrection

This Saturday is the fourth annual Resurrection Race.  Don’t miss it.  Register at Cal Anderson Park at 2pm and race at 3pm.  The weather report is for partly cloudy which might as well be full sun by this spring’s standard.

This will be the last weekend that I’ll be in town until the end of summer- so if you want to come hang out and have a beer at the finish- please do. The finish will be at…. SPOILER ALERT: Gasworks Park.  Show up after the race (about 4pm)- I’ll be there waiting for the racers to finish.  Don’t worry- Go Means Go will be continuing through the increased support of a number of the folks that help keep it together now.  The Tweed Ride, the 9 to 5, and the Tour de Watertower will all take place as well.

I’ll be back in time for cyclocross season, and you can be certain that there is more good stuff in the works for this winter.  I’m not spilling the beans, either.

It will be a busy summer.  It’s been a while since I’ve fished commercially- four years, but I’m looking forward to it.  I’ll be bringing the Raleigh Port Townsend- and will be writing ride reports as they come through.


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