Resurrection IV Wrap-Up

Rough routes, zombie bunnies, shotgunning energy drinks… these were the makings of our fourth year doing the Resurrection alleycat and we are incredibly grateful that so many of you came out to race, help, or just raid our coolers once again!

The Saturday morning gray had burned off by registration, leaving us with the nicest day Seattle had seen since fall. The riders began to arrive early, with 55 signed up by go time. Everyone seemed to have a different take on the manifest, and we were surprised to see no one take what we thought would be the shortest route (something vaguely like this, at 21 miles):

The majority went to I-90 tunnel first, with one group of veteran favorites overshooting their goal by several miles. This led to some unexpected results at the finish line, with our top three finishers – Young Ted, Eric C. and Matt Beers – coming in back to back with a route eight miles longer than fourth place finisher and route master Greg Barnes, who finished in around 25 miles.

Young Ted (above) took home the grand prize: a custom made bag made by long time Resurrection supporters Seagull Bags. Eric Cockrell, Matt Beers, Greg Barnes and Archie filled out the top five, with Christian Coomer taking home the Zlog first fixed gear package in sixth and Alex K. taking first woman in eleventh.

We had a lot of fantastic prizes thanks to our sponsors, with our top finishes scoring several generous gift certificates from Recycle Cycles and Anchor Tattoo, not to mention a ton of shirts and goods from Go Means Go and Fyxation. Many of our sponsors have been supporting the Resurrection and events like it for years, so don’t forget to support them (and tell them you saw their stuff at our race while you’re at it).

Thanks to all of our great volunteers for helping us keep track of all that was going on at all times. Be sure to check out the full results and all the photos after the jump.

The Resurrection Team (Bryan, Brian, Greg, Bubba and Ryan)

Full Results

1. Young Ted
2. Eric Cockrell
3. Matt Beers
4. Greg Barnes
5. Archie
6. Christian Coomer (First Fixed Gear)
7. Kevin Septor
8. Sean Marsh
9. Fred Marshall
10. Andre Ramseur
11. Alex K. (First Woman)
12. Ponch
13. Sean Sweeny
14. Pete B.
15. Ali Masterson
16. Rachel Green
17. Joshua
18. Byron Go
19. Jake Ricker
20. Aaron Short
21. Josh Splatts
22. Charlie Clay
23. Matt T.
24. Johan W.
25. Mick
26. Randy Haugland
27. Nick K.
28. Nigel
29. Mark K.
30. Koos Kleven
31. Andrew
32. Glen
33. R?
34. Yuri
35. Nick
36. Ben P.
37. Robin N. (DFL)

More photos and credits:
Rabbit pics by Chad (full size here)
Start and prize photos by Bryan (more on Flickr)
Shotgun pics by Eric (more on Flickr)

If you have any more photos, be sure to let us know!

And don’t forget to support all our sponsors!

Seagull Bags | Recycled Cycles | Anchor Tattoo
Go Means Go | Fyxation | Zlog

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