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Last chance for your 2010 SSCXWC frames!

Somehow we still have some of the Raleigh Carbon SSCXWC frames left from 2010.  Don’t ask me how- I’m surprised they didn’t go in the first week.

Anyhow- if you were thinking of buying one- you only have until JUNE 13th to do so.  After that they will no longer be available through us.  What does that mean?  That you’ll be paying more.  $1200 is the price they are going for now through us.  The deal that we have been able to pass on to you is there because Raleigh was a sponsor of the SSCXWC and the funds generated through the frame sales went directly to the event.  After June 13th- all the frames will be sold at the proper MSRP.  You snooze, you lose.

So you have less than a week to clean the change from the cushions, sell your plasma, take from your rainy day fund, or win big in Vegas to get the hottest thing since sliced bread on the SSCX scene this year.

I’m building mine up and am super pumped on it.  Run a Gates Carbon Drive- or a regular ol’ chain.  It doesn’t matter.  It comes with an integrated headset and an ENVE fork.  Think you can beat that?  You can’t.



Don’t you wish your single speed was SWASS like ours?


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