July 4th White Trash Sprints

July 4th White Trash Sprints

Real sprints. Real bikes. Real talk. These guys have been doing this for years, but this will be the first time I’m not busy making sure no one is burning down my house or peeing on my lawn in Eastlake. Maybe I’ll see you there?

4 thoughts on “July 4th White Trash Sprints

  1. Remember that first year when I won? Yeah. That was like the only time I’ve won at anything. That was pretty awesome. One of the best days….

  2. Hey thanks every one who came out, we had a ton of fun meeting new people and hope to keep seeing new faces and old faces at races. If you didnt make it Ari won for the girls and Nick (no last name) won for the guys. hope every one made it safe and we will see you next year.

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