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8/6-7: Pedal & Piston Rendezvous

I love this poster.  Richard Gilmore drew it up and it’s incredible.


  • August 6-7, 2011
  • At Yardbirds Event Center in Chehalis, WA (2100 N. National Ave)
  • Vintage bicycle and motorcycles.
  • Indoor Swap
  • Live Music
  • Beer Garden
  • Bands

Previous years have had camping involved.  I unfortunately don’t have much info other than what is on the poster.  Call the numbers on the flier if you want more info.

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Hey Seattle: Single? Time to mingle…

Aldan sent this over today:

Single cyclists will have a chance to meet other bike lovers on Tuesday, August 9th at Hub and Bespoke’sSlow Ride Speed Date” event in Fremont. Participants will take 3-minute bike rides with members of the opposite sex on a pre-set path through the neighborhood. Riders will note the individuals they are interested in, and Hub and Bespoke will later notify each person of any matches.

“This event offers a chance for bike-riding singles to meet people with similar interests, based on the premise that cyclists tend to have many other values in common,” says Aldan Shank, co-founder of Hub and Bespoke.

Anyone interested in participating should email Spots are limited, and a bike is required. The event will start at 5:45pm at the Hub and Bespoke shop (513 N 36th St) and will conclude with a friendly mixer at a neighborhood venue. More details available on the Hub and Bespoke blog (


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In Seattle: The Dead Baby Downhill

If you’ve never heard of the Dead Baby Downhill- you’ve been missing out on a part of Seattle bike culture like none other.  Beer drinkin’, bike ridin’, hell raisin’….  Freak bikes, tall bike jousting, live music, and just a fantastic time all around.

It’s simple really.  Meet at a bar at the top of a hill- race to the bottom where the biggest bike party on the west coast takes place.  Have fun all night long.  There is also a messenger alleycat race- that is way harder than I am…

Check the DB website for more info.

And just so you know- the Shipwreck Tavern is located at 4210 Southwest Admiral Way in West Seattle.  It is a bar- so under 21’ers can’t get in- sorry.  The race is open to all ages, but once again- no one under 21 gets to whet their appetite with tasty beers procured by the Dead Baby Bike Club.

Ride your bike there, and be safe.

*No babies were harmed in the promotion of this event.


Tour de Watertower Results

The third Tour de Watertower is a wrap! I’ll post a full write up come Monday or so, but thought I’d share the raw feed from the computer. A little more work and I could’ve streamed the results for those following along at home (or on boat), but hey. Next year.

And now onto the results:

Name Start End Time
Robert Kittilson 13:42:00 15:52:31 2:10:31
Theodore Schwartz 14:33:00 16:56:45 2:23:45
Adam Ales 14:36:00 17:07:49 2:31:49
Michael Archambault 13:57:00 16:30:43 2:33:43
Eric Cockrell 13:21:00 15:54:48 2:33:48
Philip Buffington 14:27:00 17:05:01 2:38:01
Nicholas Franzen 13:09:00 15:49:06 2:40:06
Max Shalitmontagne 14:42:00 17:24:59 2:42:59
Alan Bergeron 14:39:00 17:27:12 2:48:12
Jake Langdon 14:24:00 17:21:06 2:57:06
Robin Lee 13:06:00 16:07:04 3:01:04
Brad Hawkins 13:06:00 16:07:04 3:01:04
Joseph Diedrick 13:30:00 16:32:58 3:02:58
Alice Lippitt 13:36:00 16:42:16 3:06:16
Steve Maluk 14:15:00 17:21:40 3:06:40
Muugi Maxwell 14:12:00 17:20:19 3:08:19
Robin Ley 14:00:00 17:09:20 3:09:20
Fred Marshall 14:03:00 17:13:06 3:10:06
Brandan McAuliffe 14:06:00 17:20:29 3:14:29
Peter Van Wesep 13:18:00 16:33:16 3:15:16
Jessica Wahlund 13:24:00 16:45:50 3:21:50
Tara Stewart 13:12:00 16:39:52 3:27:52
Andre Kivijarvi 13:33:00 17:13:34 3:40:34
Peter Blunk 13:03:00 16:47:50 3:44:50
David Shapiro 13:00:00 16:46:44 3:46:44
Alec Billroth-McLurg 13:39:00 17:27:43 3:48:43
Soyoung Shin 13:51:00 17:56:57 4:05:57
Margaret Berger 13:27:00 17:57:41 4:30:41
Katy Anderson 14:18:00
Benjamin Runge 13:15:00
Justin Marshall 13:45:00
Mark Kerrigan 14:21:00
Scott Wegner 14:30:00

I have a few times for those of you that came in after the comp was packed, will update soon.

Thanks to all the folks that raced, helped, donated prizes, and hosted us. I will thank you properly come next week, but I hear there is a party to get to.

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Tomorrow in Seattle.

Get your legs and liver ready- tomorrow is going to be a hell of a day in Seattle.

Tour de Watertower starts things off. If you didn’t pre-register that’s ok- just come to Cool Guy Park to see the racers start the sufferfest that is Tour de Watertower.  It’s going to be a hot one- make sure you bring water…

  • START – Cool Guy Park – along the trail starting at Lakeview Blvd E & Belmont Ave E
  • High Point – 35th Ave SW & SW Myrtle St
  • West Seattle – SW Charlestown St. & 39th Ave SW
  • Magnolia – 38th Ave. W between Dravus and Prosper Across from 3218 38th Ave. W.
  • Observatory Court – Queen Anne – Lee St. @ Warren Ave N Across from 1420 Warren Ave N. At sign in front of tennis courts adjacent to Fire Station #8
  • Woodland Park – Phinney Ave. N. between N. 53rd st & N 54th St.
  • Maple Leaf – Roosevelt Way NE and NE 86th st.
  • Volunteer Park – 1247 15th Ave. E located on Volunteer Park Road, near entrance at E Prospect St.
  • FINISH – Victory Lounge – 433 Eastlake Avenue E

See it on Google Maps

You can also stop by the finish at Victory Lounge beginning at 3pm to see the racers coming in, enjoy drink specials and watch the Tour de France.  A big thanks to our sponsors, as well as to Victory Lounge.  Show them some love for supporting our event!

Portland Design Works | Mopha

After you’ve raced your little heart out- its time to get on over to the Rubber Side Down polo party.

Starting at 7pm and going into the wee hours- there will be bands, beer, a DJ, bike games.  It’s going to be a real hoot. In addition to polo kids just loving to party for the hell of it- this party will benefit 206 POLO and help raise funds to make the 2011 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (which will take place in Seattle) even more awesome that it’s bound to be.

The Wherehouse

3310 Wallingford Ave
Seattle, WA
See you in the streets!