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In Seattle: The Dead Baby Downhill

If you’ve never heard of the Dead Baby Downhill- you’ve been missing out on a part of Seattle bike culture like none other.  Beer drinkin’, bike ridin’, hell raisin’….  Freak bikes, tall bike jousting, live music, and just a fantastic time all around.

It’s simple really.  Meet at a bar at the top of a hill- race to the bottom where the biggest bike party on the west coast takes place.  Have fun all night long.  There is also a messenger alleycat race- that is way harder than I am…

Check the DB website for more info.

And just so you know- the Shipwreck Tavern is located at 4210 Southwest Admiral Way in West Seattle.  It is a bar- so under 21’ers can’t get in- sorry.  The race is open to all ages, but once again- no one under 21 gets to whet their appetite with tasty beers procured by the Dead Baby Bike Club.

Ride your bike there, and be safe.

*No babies were harmed in the promotion of this event.

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