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My Friends Are Talented

I love it when hardcore and bikes cross (as you’ve probably noticed), but it’s not always a common occurrence. In this case, I originally met both John and Connor via loud music years ago in California and have been lucky enough to play the same stages once or twice. This video was produced beautifully, and I think it gives a very personal look at what it means to be a cyclist.

This is only the second video in John’s My Friends Are Talented project, so be sure to check back for more in the future.

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The Loaded Warrior.

Director Jay Broemmel’s nightmarish vision of the post apocolyptic future without beer. A remake of the 1982 movie, MAD MAX 2, The Road Warrior replaces cars with bikes and gas with beer. Starring many members of Cyclecide Bike Rodeo and machines by SLOUCHcycles including an actual flying pedal powered helicopter. A film by Jay Broemmel, Taylor Fitzgerald, and Steven Bellesiles. Warning: contains violence, nudity, drunkenness, & exploding Pomeranians.
Seen at Cyclecide.

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Help get Cyclecide to Seattle!

Cyclecide is in danger of having to cancel their performance at the Dead Baby Downhill on August 5th due to other shows on this tour being canceled. We need your help, any venues or promoters that can throw Cyclecide a paying gig either before or after August 5th please contact Peter with the Dead Babies or Cyclecide.

Cyclecide is based in San Francisco and has been a huge part of the fun at the Dead Baby Downhill for a while now.  Please spread the word if you can think of anybody that would want some of the awesomeness in their town while on their tour from SF-SEA

UPDATE:  Cyclecide is back on board for the DBDH, but would still very much appreciate a paying gig or two on their tour north.

Check out Cyclecide HERE